Burden of the Sky: “Cinis Ad Cinis” Album Review

26 July 2017 News Review

Illinois is a hotbed when it comes to producing legendary bands, the state has fashioned the likes of, of course you automatically think of Chicago, also hailing from the Prairie State are band’s such as, Cheap Trick, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ministry, Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Soil and Disturbed, just to name a few. Every previously mentioned band have been around for twenty plus more years, so, it makes you ponder, who is going to fill their shoes?

Well, I know a band who is wearing them well.

Bloomington’s very own alternative metal band, Burden of the Sky, are making some serious waves with their debut album, “Cinis Ad Cinis”, which came out July 14th via Pavement Entertainment. Although the band was formed in 2010 by Josh Appel and Bradford Shaw, the lineup was not completed until 2015 with the addition of Brian Berry, Dustin Tritsch, Michael Mahoney, and Rick Steeter. Fast forward to now, and you have the music of Burden of the Sky hitting the airwaves.

The new album is jammed packed with twelve entertaining tracks. The opening tune, “Blame My Creator” goes straight for the juggler. It pretty much lays down the foundation of what the listener is to expect. And that is some solid heart pounding tunes.

Track after track grabs you by the ears and hold’s your attention. As I stated before, the entire album is packed full of kick ass music. A few songs that jump out at me are, “Matter of Fact”, “Kicking and Screaming”, and “Same Old Page”.

The band’s sound is tremendous, they have a not so soft, not entirely too hard feel to their melodies. I dig the band, and feel they hit it right out of the ballpark with their introduction in the music world.


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