‘5 Minutes Alone’ with Not the Girl Next Door and Diana Bastet

Written by on January 7, 2019

I officially LOVE YouTube suggested videos! As many of you may know, I spend a lot of my minimal amount of free time, on YouTube. One day as I was watching videos, a suggested video came about as “Diana Bastet Metal Bellydance. Sepultura “Ratamahatta””. Already a fan of the song, I clicked on it and was mesmerized.

The beautiful and extremely talented, Diana Bastet was giving new meaning to the song and inherently drawing in viewers in a libidinous, yet magnetizing way. The video, only a year old has reached over 1.8 millions views to date and will fastidiously engage many more.

I had the chance to find out more about Diana and am honored to have her on my feature, ‘5 Minutes Alone with Not the Girl Next Door’, which features unadulterated, straight talk, interviews. Check out my interview exclusive!

Hello Diana. Thank you for taking time out to talk to me! First off, I want to tell you that you are absolutely amazing. The way you infuse rock music into your dancing, is simply put, bad ass. Tell us a little about you and what got you into dancing?

Hi! Thank you very much, it a big honor for me 🙂 Well, I am a simple human in this world. I was born and live in Ukraine, Sumy. I always wanted to be an artist, always loved that and I got it. However, I decided, wanted to make my own destiny. I wanted to walk through my life with dancing steps and rock music, not with painting.
I have loved heavy metal since I was a kid. I loved to draw hours by hours and while I drew, I was always listening rock. I grew up with Nirvana, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Ozzy Osbourne, Soundgarden etc, still don’t know, where I found that…cause I grew up in a small town and didn’t have any friends, only a dog.

The very first rock music I heard – it was Queen. I was only 6 years old, just started school and I still remember how I loved to watch their videos on VHS at home every single day! So, this is a music choice of my life 🙂 As for dancing -I never tried to dance. Never imaged I can do it. But once I was just bored during university’s evenings and found an invitation to belly dance workshops. I decided to try it. Now somehow, I am a dancer. To be honest, I didn’t like the music for belly dancing, but I loved the feelings in my body during dancing. Very soon I left dance lessons, cause I didn’t think I would do it in in the future. However, my destiny wasn’t agreeing with me as you can see. I started just dancing alone, but with music that I love. I still do it and I love it so much!

What made you want to incorporate metal/hard rock into your performances?

Orphaned Land, their song “Seasons Unite”. When I listened that first time – I fell in love with the sound. I just discovered Oriental Metal for myself and that was musical happiness! I loved the feelings in dancing, I loved each sound of music, I loved to connect to it and “breathe” by it in motion. I finally understood – it’s mine. Also I started to try to dance with other metal songs as an experiment, just for fun and it’s became to be main in my life.

The first video I saw from you was your performance to Sepultura’s “Ratamahatta”. What made you choose this killer song specifically?

I love Sepultura! “Ratamahatta” is wild and I can’t control that crazy animal in me during performance with this song 🙂 As each chosen song for my dancing – I do it just by my feelings. I somehow feel it, not only hear, but
see it. If not – that’s not a song for dance. I have big list of mind blowing music for listening, also many people always suggest a lot of songs for me, but it can’t be a dance just because it’s good song. I don’t know, maybe it’s intuition or something else, anyway, main thing here – to feel it.

What are some of your favorite bands? Are there any bands you would love to perform with/ meet?

My love forever: Pantera, Nirvana, Rotting Christ, Wardruna, Slayer, Sepultura, Savatage, Gojira, Death, Type O Negative, Tool, also I love to listen to Doro, WASP, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Iggy Pop and The Mission. I am a big fan of Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland, Barry White, Janis Joplin and of course The Temptations.
I’ve already met with some bands live. I am familiar with musicians, with the music I used for my dancing and just known with some of them in my life. It’s a big honor me, when my art is approved by them. It means a lot. But to perform on a stage – better to do it with Oriental Metal bands, I think it’s matched better for live show. Once I performed with Orphaned Land. It was very good experience, they are amazing at their live concerts.

Through my research, I have learned that you are also a designer. Tell us a bit about your clothing and where people can find and purchase your designs?

Yes, I make costumes. All the costumes and decor, which you can ever see on me in my videos/photos, are handmade and made by me. I love to make it. I love to create and make ideas real. It’s some kind of my own split of personality – dancing and design!
Everything started very simply many years ago – I had to perform and I needed a costume, but I didn’t have money and opportunity to buy it. So, I made it myself and I liked to do it. Then one more…and one more… and a few more, etc., with each one better quality, because with each one I got experience. A bit later, many girls started to ask me to purchase costumes for themselves worldwide. They asked me a year maybe or even longer…and later I tried. And I still do it!
Each costume is handmade and one of a kind and made with big love. I never sew in bad mood or when I am sick, because my creations must give only good energy to new owners. Only some bloomers and tops
can be repeated in stock. Almost all costumes can be made or ordered size – any size.
I have everything on Etsy: https://www.etsy.co/shop/DianaBastet?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

Fun weird facts. Tell us some fun weird facts fans may not know about you?

Well… although I am public person, I am pretty private. People want to see and know more about me. Unlike most public people – I don’t like to share thoughts, food or cosmetics, but I like to share art.  I like to share my art, but not my private life. I am very thankful for support of my art.
Weird or not – I am real and natural. Always lots of discussions about my body looking “fake-or-not”. Thank you, but no. Just my parents worked well 🙂 My body is natural, no plastic, even no push-up bras. I don’t even have any tattoos. My natural hair is simple black and curly. Something really weird – I’m young, but I have very a lot of gray hair already, every since I was a teen. So, soon will be easier to be blonde maybe, haha.
I never sleep at nights, I sleep in the morning. It’s normal for me to start work at 9 PM and go to sleep at 7 AM in the morning. I have this night living since my childhood. So, it’s not easy for me to be active at mornings as normal people do.
I love, if man has a beard.
I hate the color pink and my friends know how much I hate it, so they love to joke about that with me!

What do you have lined up for the 2019? Do you plan on doing any festival appearance, new videos or new projects?

First of all, I will try my best to get an opportunity to finally go to US with my metal belly dance workshops and performances. Also to the UK, for performing at big metal festival. All other possible countries – I will visit as most as I can, with performance and tourism, cause it’s easy for me to travel and I love it so much.
Yes, new videos coming. One video already made in 2018, just not uploaded yet. Also new dances to rock music in my plans, I have a list of songs already 🙂

Thank you for being with me, hugs to you all! See you in 2019, let’s have a great start of this year and let’s ROCK! 

Check out Diana Bastet’s performance video for Sepultura “Ratamahatta”

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