‘5 Minutes Alone’ with Not the Girl Next Door and ZamTrip

Written by on December 4, 2018

Hailing from Wyoming and blowing listeners out of the water are what ZamTrip is best known for doing with their mellifluous, rock sounds. Infusing their own style, with hints of their own musical influences, ZamTrip punches listeners right in the “feels” with their latest release, “Miles Away”.

I had a chance to spend ‘5 Minutes Alone’ with lead singer, Samantha Newman to find out a little more about ZamTrip and what is going on in their world in a quick and unfiltered interview.

Let’s just start off by saying, holy hell, ZamTrip’s vocalist, Samantha Newman, is quite the slayer! I have heard nothing, but positive reactions when I play ZamTrip on the show. In fact, I have had many people ask, “Who are you playing, her voice is killer?” a multitude of times and the reactions continue, non-stop. Did Samantha grow up with vocal training and did she always know she wanted to be in a band? As a side note, being a female fronted band, do you feel it’s harder to get your music “out there”?

OK let’s just say that I never pictured myself in a band and I never thought that I would ever be good enough to be in a band! But I can tell you that I would never picture myself doing anything different. The feeling you get while you are onstage is so unique and incredible, it’s amazing. And on top of that, the people you get to meet and the people who you inspire on a daily basis make everything so worth while! I love it so much, and I also love the guys I get to play with, they are so wonderful! I have taken a couple lessons here and there with Ron Keel and Angie Lee from Angie Lee Vocal Academy, but other than that I spent  a couple years in school choir, nothing too crazy!


ZamTrip has recorded/performed multiple cover songs and kills it every single time. However, I have to ask, do you think that covers over saturate charts or in the music society which is popular today, cover songs are what the fans desire? In many locations, especially here in Illinois, cover bands are paid more than original bands, what are your opinions on this as an original band, who writes their own music?

I personally think that covers are consuming the music business.. and I don’t think it’s very fair, but what do you do? That’s what people want to hear. They want to be able to sing along to the first thing they hear on the radio…That’s just my personal opinion. But I do think it’s good in a sense, simply because bands who get famous off of cover music generally get their originals heard, which makes them known!


Let’s talk about your latest release, “Miles Away”. Can you tell us a little about what the song and the video is about? How does the collaborative process work with ZamTrip, as far as composing/creating music?

We wrote “Miles Away” about a year ago. We have always supported our local veterans and we are thankful for what they do. Veterans are very brave and so are their family members, so we wanted to shed some light and express how thankful we are for everyone who has been or is in a similar situation. And for anyone who can relate to the music video or song, we love you!!! We also recorded the video in Utah even though it looks like it is in Iraq!
As far as our writing process/ collaboration process goes, it’s always different, it really changes from song to song, but recently we have been writing all songs together! From the music, to the lyrics, to the melody!


Social media plays a huge part of many bands lives today. How do you feel about social media as far as it playing a role to help promote or is it a tool which can sometimes become too intrusive and infringing upon your own personal lives?

In hindsight I do  love social media because it helps you connect with fans all over the world and helps you spread your music all over, but in the same sense I hate it because you are ALWAYS judged by your following on social media for everything you do as a musician. It also can be very intrusive on your personal life because you are always trying to keep up with everything on social media.


Fun weird facts. Tell us some fun weird facts fans may not know about the band.

Weird fact #1- Cory’s favorite soda is Dr. Pepper
Weird fact #2- Cody is a Broncos fan
Weird fact #3- Kyle’s main food groups are candy, candy corn, candy canes, and syrup haha just kidding that’s an ELF reference haha the real fact- Kyle used to be a hockey player
Weird fact #4- Sam can rap the entire song “Without Me” by Eminem
Fact- Sam was not the first singer for ZamTrip
Fact- the three boys in the band are brothers!


What does 2019 have in store for ZamTrip?

I’m 2019 the band is going to have out a new album and be playing more and more music festivals!!!! Here’s to 2019! 🤘🏻


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