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#TRUTH. The first word to describe the band Defiant’s newest single, “Dust the Democracy”. Combined with in your face vocals, amplified guitars and all out slay, the single should definitely be at the top of your playlist!

I had a chance to speak with Defiant to talk about their music, their history, and the plans for the future.Check out an an unedited, unadulterated synopsis into the world of Defiant. Check it out! As always, spread the love for music and like, follow, share the killer music!

Tell us a little about the band, where are you from? How did you meet?

Joe and Paul B had a thing going on with a drummer in Mechanicsburg, PA and had an add out on Craigslist for a vocalist, and Big Al had the bright idea one day to go on said website and hit their line to try out.  We had a few vocalists before Al, but none of them really had the sound we were going for, but as soon as we heard him, we knew he’d be the perfect fit.  Few months go by, couple songs get written, and the previous drummer leaves due to a conflict of interests (he wanted to be in a cover band, we didn’t) so we picked up Paul C (PMFC) and the rest is history.

What kind of music would you describe your sound as? Who are some of your musical influences?

It’s hard to put our sound into words or to describe it to people.  Joe and Al have a lot of 90s era Alt. Metal vibes mixed with a heavy dose of late 70s early 80s hardcore punk, where Paul B hangs with the old Sabbath and Kiss style bass lines, and PMFC runs straight out of the Metallica handbook.  I guess you could say we took the last fifty or so years of rock and metal and smashed them together, and made a vibe out of that.

Let’s talk about the newest single “Dust the Democracy” Tell us what the song is about and what inspired the song? 

“Dust The Democracy” is a song depicting the frustration and anger that America is facing right now.  Everyone’s at each other’s throats and whether we like to realize it or not, we’re basically on the brink of a second civil war.  Rather than listening to each other and actually making things better for everyone, this country is fully focused on the corruption of the rich and powerful, where the 1% control the country.  Dust The Democracy is the voice of the 99% that are left to suffer the wake.

How does the collaboration process work as far as writing/composing music? 

We all bring anything we come up with to the table.  It’s a really mellow process.  We all know when to bend and when to stand up when it comes to writing songs.  Al takes care of all the lyrics but constantly runs them by everyone else to make sure things fit right.  Joe is a riff machine and Paul B and PMFC run grooves over everything.  We get a really fluid move going once someone plays something we all dig, after that it’s all about time and patience to get the perfect run of it.

How does it feel when you put all your hard work to the test and perform live? Do you have any crazy performance band/fan stories?

Playing live is what we live for.  It’s one thing to lay down tracks in the studio or run ‘em in the basement for the umpteenth time, but getting on stage for 20 or 30 minutes to hear a crowd dance and groove to music they don’t even know is a wild experience.  Craziest story we had was probably early on to Defiant’s career, maybe six months in.  We just started playing some gigs and we were lined up to play HMAC in Harrisburg when our drummer at the time(the aforementioned cover fella) decided to quit….two days before the gig.  Now, we don’t know about you, but we weren’t just gonna bounce on the gig cus’ we didn’t have a drummer.  So what we did is we hired a guy named Norm Eberley to play drums for the gig.  This dude got some crappy phone recorded songs, and a 45 minute practice and that dude ripped the set apart.  Best worst night of our lives.

Let’s shake it up a little. Tell us some strange facts about the band, that virtually no one would know.

We’re pretty open honestly, there really isn’t a whole lot hidden behind the curtains so to speak.  We all work 9-5 type jobs, come home to the missus and go to bed.  Al’s pretty heavy into old school horror and the macabre, maybe a little bit too much if we’re being honest.  Hmm…PMFC is a professional photographer if you ever need any of those taken.  Joe owns three rescue pit bulls and one time roadied for Ace Von Johnson.  Paul B is a mystery that WE don’t even know about.  Seriously, the man is an enigma.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2020?

Woof, bearing that COVID-19 is under control enough, we’re planning on playing some shows in mid November down in South Carolina for our label Curtain Call Records.  Other than that, we’re neck deep in the studio currently recording our second EP.  We’re taking this one slow so as to spread out the costs and the work load on everyone so that we can make the tracks sound as good as they can.


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