Five Finger Death Punch Packs a Knockout Punch at Nationwide Arena!

Written by on December 3, 2019

Nationwide arena is known for being the home of The Columbus Blue Jackets, but on Tuesday it became the home of metal.

I arrived to The venue at about 5:15 and grabbed a coffee at the west entrance and just sat back people watching as the lines formed reaching the street at the arena. I was just as excited to see the amount of metal fans proving that metal shows still have one hell of a draw.

However, when it came down to this show, the lineup couldn’t be better to bring in metal fans from a much larger fan base of all ages.
The night started off with Fire From The Gods taking the stage, this arena tour is their first debut in arena tours, and you could feel that they were just as excited as each fan as fan shuffling into their seats. I have always been proud to be a part of the metal scene in Ohio, the support Ohio has always had for music off all genres, from locals to national headliners has always been nothing short of amazing.

Eric July, Fire from the Gods.

Bad Wolves brought an energy that kept the crowd on their toes, and paused briefly to tell everyone to appreciate the one they love with a hug, and if you didn’t know anyone, hug the person next to them and be thankful, so I gave the show security staff member a hug, because we all know how hard event staff works at any show no matter what the magnitude.

A Happy Couple in the Crowd.

Three Days Grace took the stage and the crowds anticipation started to rise because they played a variety of tracks off each of their albums, which appealed to new and well seasoned Three Days Grace Fans.
After the third song on Three Days Grace’ set, I had no idea why I was such a nervous wreck, but I was. As a music photographer our biggest challenge is speed, light, the speed of light and getting those breathtaking action photos. I sat there quietly for 45 minutes questioning what comes as a second nature, and it was the longest 45 minutes of my life. I started the T-minus countdown approximately 11 minutes before 9:55pm while running through my head a checklist of everything I needed to have on me in case anything goes wrong. Battery, check. Extra SD card check. Extra battery, check! By that time it was time to go.

Matt Walst, Three Days Grace.

As we awaited the curtain to be pulled so we could enter the photo pit, I was just trying to keep myself busy to help pass the time as I watched intently while the techs sound checked the instruments, and secure any final stage arrangements. Before we knew it the curtain had been drawn and we hustled to our spots in the photo pit. As FFDP took the stage the crowd cheered and raised their beer glasses in the air. It didn’t even take more than a minute and every photographer in the pit was dodging the incoming crowd surfers. FFDP was full of energy and their stage presence took over the entire arena with an energy that was unstoppable.

Ivan Moody, FFDP.

FFDP kept the fans begging for more with the pyro, confetti and Jason hook rising above the crowd on a platform showing his mad guitar and balance skills. Ivan continued the show by wishing happy Birthdays, throwing out candy to the kids in the crowd and making sure those on the floor in the back got the entire experience and invited them up front. Ivan also managed to talk the crowd in the arena to do “the wave”.

The show continued to build as FFDP played “Never Enough” as fans rocked out and then The band put their twist on the show making it more personal by speaking on overcoming the feats of addiction and celebrating sobriety and a path to a better life.

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