A Christmas Confession

22 December 2017 News

Hey guys, it’s Kaeotic and Taboo and let us tell you what a bitchin time we had on December 20th talking to and hanging out with the bands at the Drunk Horse Pub! If you haven’t heard, last night MindJakked, Fall River Massacre, You Are A Toy, and Death of Uriah played with Waylon Reavis’ new band, A Killer’s Confession! Let us tell you, all of the bands absolutely killed it!! If you weren’t there you definitely missed out!


MindJakked, Death Of Uriah, and Fall River Massacre, straight out of NC, and You Are A Toy, all the way from Ohio, are just full of surprises! All of their music is hard hitting and eargasming! It’s something we would absolutely suggest if you want to start a mosh pit! This line up was definitely the best opening bands you could ever hand pick for the headliner, A Killer’s Confession. These bands were so lively and they kept the vibe so good throughout the entire night, we wouldn’t have minded if they kept playing into the next day!


If you haven’t heard of them, A Killer’s Confession is the next up and coming band all the way from Ohio! When we say these guys are the definition of rock, we mean it! Waylon Reavis’s vocals blend so well with Matt Trumpy’s guitar, Jp Cross’s bass, and Jon Dale’s hard hitting drums that it literally sends shivers down your spine. The music is so fast passed it makes you want to just get out of your seat and start a one man mosh pit in the middle of your living room. Their performance last night was absolutely stunning! Their songs drew everyone up to the stage with their outstanding performance! This is definitely a must see and listen to band! Their new single, Angel On The Outside is like eating a cherry bomb and going back for more, totally explosive!

If you haven’t heard it yet, worry not you badass rockers, Rock Rage Radio and The Kaeotic Taboo Show will feed it to you along with the rest of their banging tracks! Until next time…Kaeotic and Taboo (Photo Credit Allie Cat)


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