Atomic Lip Bomb: “Blow It Up” [Song Review]

3 November 2017 Album Review News

There was a time when rock n roll had a sleazy side. I am talking about bands who wore more lipstick than your great Aunt Sally, eye liner galore, and sprayed on more hairspray than a 1990 prom date. Groups of men who looked like cross dressers, but rocked the stage heavy and hard with unrelenting rock. Sleaze rock, glam metal, known today as hair bands.

So if you dig the 80’s and 90’s style of rock, I am talking blasts from the past such as Twisted Sister, Poison, Motley Crue and Faster Pussy Cat, just to name a few, I believe you are going to relish the upcoming tunes from the new band, Atomic Lip Bomb.

2017 is a much different landscape for music than what it was in the late 80’s to mid-90’s rock scene. Sex, drugs and rock n roll was more than a cliché for some bands back in the day, it was a way of life, it was the Hollywood glam lifestyle, and although many music fans of today believe those old antics may be super cheesy, that brand of rock kicked major ass. And that ass kicking unapologetic rock is what Atomic Lip Bomb is bringing back the music scene.

Some music lovers feel as if that style of music doesn’t have a place in today’s world, but as Steel Panther who are carrying on the torch for the likes of Britny Fox, Ratt, Warrant, and Enuff Z’Nuff, have proven there is a love for that style. And we now have a new dog in this fight, Atomic Lip Bomb.
Atomic Lip Bomb, who are from somewhere U.S.A. formed in early 2016, signed a record deal with the rising record label, Squib Kick Records a year ago this past September, and now is set to release their first single, “Blow It Up”. Although the release date is tentative, hopefully the world will get their first glimpse of the band, here in the new couple of weeks.

I myself have had the opportunity to listen to the new upcoming single. And being brutally honest, it takes me back to a time when music was raw. “Blow It Up” has that sleazy Faster Pussycat vibe to it. I can envision a band with big hair showboating the crowd all the while rocking their asses. The tune is extremely catchy, and if this is prelude to what Atomic Lip Bomb is going to be, then sign me up as their very first fan.

Stay tuned, Atomic Lip Bomb is coming!
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