Audiofeed Festival: The Hidden Gem Of All Rock Music Festivals

Written by on July 7, 2019

By the time May rolls around each year, we are inundated by the massive amounts of promotions for rock music festivals which take place, all around the world.  As fans, we take great lengths to attend and will make an innumerable amount of sacrifices to ensure we are present at these festivals. Driving sixteen hours away, forking out hundreds of dollars for the hotel or braving the weather by camping out, and the inevitable, paying hundreds of dollars for tickets, are only a fraction of the ways we painstakingly endure the cost of attendance. From Rocklahoma to Rock USA, from Louder Than Life to Metal in the Mountains, the excitement to attend these festivals as a band or a fan, is immeasurable.

As a person, who supports music 250% compared to most “normal” rock fans, I am extremely knowledgeable with any festivals or concerts in my general vicinity, which are few and far between. Stuck in the middle of Central Illinois, two hours south of Chicago and three hours north of St. Louis, a considerable amount of travel (2-3 hours) is required for a majority of the shows I attend and the closest festival is typically four hours away. However, a few months ago, I stumbled upon Audiofeed Festival in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois, which was a game changer.

With a loaded lineup of every style of rock band imaginable, from metal to alternative, from rap rock to indie, the festival is any rock lover’s oasis. Filled with six stages, food vendors (with extremely reasonable pricing, not $12 for a taco pricing), family friendly activities, camping and MERCH, MERCH, MERCH, the festival is a must attend. Jam packed with bands galore all within a three day event schedule.

Furthermore, if music, food and merch are not enough, the vibes within the festival, will already have you booking for next year. With stories of faith, beautification, support and guidance from the bands, the fans and the event staff themselves, you will leave Audiofeed Festival radiating with the true message of positivity. A feeling which can only be experienced, not purchased.

Subsequently, the sights and sounds of the festival are like no other. From circle pits in bare feet and blowing bubbles in muddy puddles, from smaller tents that sometimes house two stages to the large effervescent main stage, wherever you go are pumped with the love for music.

So low and behold Midwesterners, just a heads up for next year, Audiofeed Festival is most definitely a must attend. With such a loaded lineup this year from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Wolves at the Gate, Oh Sleeper, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, Relent and many more, who knows what next year may bring? Keep updated with the links below!

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