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Have you ever been totally blown away with a band at first listen? If not, try NO:IR on for size! Hailing from the UK, NO:IR is a force to be reckoned with, from amped up, high intensity riffs, to euphonious sounds that obliterate through rough and clean vocals and are portrayed with a flow like […]

Real world lyrics that make you feel SOMETHING are always a 100% given when checking out music from the band Divide the Empire. With driving force guitar riffs, soulful, powerhouse vocals their songs are guaranteed to do what they were intended, elicit emotions. Like a beautiful painting, left to interpret differently by each, individual soul, […]

From starting out with one of his admired bands, Eleven and touring with Soundgarden, playing with Puddle of Mudd, to joining the band, 3 Doors Down and now his own solo career, Greg Upchurch has had quite the musical journey. I had the chance to speak with Greg Upchurch from 3 Doors Down. Greg has […]

Watch out world! Static Cycle is coming! I had Jared Navarre from Static Cycle on my show! We dive into the band, discussing the art of music, touring and …….. Listen now!

What if you had ‘5 Minutes Alone’ to spend with a band? What would you ask them? I opted for a no holds barred, honest and open opportunity to take five minutes to dig in deep and get to know the band. No filters, no edits, just real talk in this interview series. Not the […]

What do you get when you mix some melancholy, a dash of 90’s vibes and honest, real rawk music? Arjuna. Blasting us with their new single “Irate You”, the band had a chance to talk with me about their music. I give you ‘5 Minutes Alone’ with Arjuna and Not the Girl Next Door Show. […]

Watch out world! Gritty, powerful, rawk music will be blasting the airwaves from Gothensburg, Sweden and the band to invade with sound is The Story Behind. I had a chance to do an interview with the band, in an unadulterated, unedited, fresh of the presses interview. I spent ‘5 Minutes Alone’ with the band and […]

Slaaaaaaaaying! Hitting you in the face with melodies and maladies, comes the band Dissonants. With melodic and harsh vocals, the band’s addictive sound, is guaranteed to draw you in at first listen. I had a chance to spend ‘5 Minutes Alone’ in an unadulterated, unedited interview with the lead singer, Reece Hayton to learn more […]

If you had ‘5 Minutes Alone’ with a band, what would you ask? In this unadulterated, unedited, raw interview I took my five minutes with the band, The Fraoch Collective. Tell us a little about the band, where are you from? How did you meet? Marc: The Fraoch story actually goes back a few decades. […]

With vocals intensely delivered through by their lyrics, listeners are left with nothing, but the feels. It should come as no surprise that the band’s passion and desire shine through in their music. A five-piece band, where each band member infuses a portion of their own musical backgrounds and influences to create a unique, dynamic […]

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