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Watch out Ohio! A killer show is coming on September 14th and it is a must attend for every music lover! Purchase your tickets now for the loaded lineup and B.Y.O.B. (no glass bottles) tailgating, all in a family friendly environment. Hosted by Roost on the River Music Center, at 14 Vogel Street, in Newark […]

Where can you find three stages, over forty bands, cheese curd tacos, turkey legs, bikinis, rain boots, epic crowds and (in the end) mud galore? Rock USA 2019. From heat and humidity to flooding and severe weather, the three-day festival’s atmospheric conditions were tumultuous to endure. However, everyone would it agree, it was 100% worth […]

By the time May rolls around each year, we are inundated by the massive amounts of promotions for rock music festivals which take place, all around the world.  As fans, we take great lengths to attend and will make an innumerable amount of sacrifices to ensure we are present at these festivals. Driving sixteen hours […]

Invading the air waves comes the Southwestern Michigan band, Autumn Academy. Recently releasing their newest single and video, “Beneath” the band is propulsing unto the scene. Brandon Garrett (Guitar/Vox), Brandon Cromer (Bass) and Andrew Nolte (Drums) work hard to bring you exceptional quality that shines through with every recording and performance. We take pride in […]

Lotus In Stereo, an alt rock bad from New Orleans is slaying listeners withe their sound, in their new single “Looking For Something”. Fronted by songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist Lotus Baudier, Jake Wojcik on bass and guitar, Hunter Wainwright on bass and Christian Colonna on drums and back up vocals. Their influences include alternative rock, punk, classic rock and the culturally rich New Orleans […]

Black Oxygen was formed in Kansas City by David Lyle, however now based in Los Angeles. Black Oxygen’s constant success and growth comes from a combination of hard work, musical talent, and drive. Ultimately achieved by front man David Lyle (Singer/Songwriter/Lead Guitarist), along with his brother, Nick Lyle (Drums/Songwriter/Keyboards/Programming/Additional Vocals). 2010 – Black Oxygen caught the attention of music industry specialists in […]

MEDICATE is the lead-off active rock radio single from The Simple Radicals, featuring special guest guitarist Vernon Reid of the band Living Colour. The Simple Radicals are a retro hard rock band from the great blues and rock city of Chicago, Illinois, featuring John Malkin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and John Griffin on lead Guitar and vocals. Together, they capture the passion and energy of their collective musical experience by […]

In 2001, singer/songwriter Danny McDonough and guitarist Gabriel Hurley began writing music together during their junior year at St. Joseph’s High School located in Metuchen, NJ. Once they had the final band members in place, their band, “Self Denial” grew a strong following playing local shows. In 2006, after their high school and college years, Danny and Gabe regrouped […]

Indiana-based alt-metal band, FIGHT LIKE SIN  was originally formed around the talents of long time friends Cody Hughes (Vocals/Guitar), Tim Stepp (Drums), and Blake Balensiefer (Guitars). The band released their first EP titled “Surrender Nothing” in 2013. Drew Luigs (Bass) would join the band before the release of their sophomore EP “Singularity” in 2016. The band […]

Modern Mimes is an American music artist duo from Fort Lauderdale, FL. The duo consists of Adi Elcida Hernandez on vocals/guitar/sampling and Ernesto Paez on the double neck guitar bass. Their music can be best described as “Future Goth,” a term they coined in order to explain the fusion of alternative heavy guitar riffs, powerfully haunting vocals, subconscious provoking lyrics, electronic drums, […]

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