Author: Cel Quintero

AGORA a progressive metal band originally from Mexico City, MX. returns after nine years in the middle of a world Pandemic. Ready to rock the Lockdown with a new album entitled, IMPERIO. The band was formed in 1996 in CDMX and since 2001 it has the most stable lineup in terms of Mexican metal bands. […]

March 13, 2020

Operus’  class performance style is a cross breed of a metal band with a travelling theatre troupe that come together to produce a unique sound and thrilling live show. Formed by six professional musicians, Operus’ depth comes from the vast musical experience each member brings with them. From extensive studio time, to worldwide performances in […]

Hypno5e was formed by Emmanuel Jessua and Thibault Lamy. Emmanuel had been working on Hypno5e songs for a long time, during his stay in Mexico in early 2000. Inspiration came from a need to translate his youthful years in Bolivia into music and using that like a journal, the musical transposition of a deep melancholia […]

We had the opportunitty to enjoy one of the most underground metal fest in the cosmopolite Mexico City at Sangriento Bar. Festival that took place in the courtyard of an abandoned flour factory, with a touch between underground and hispter. Very kindly the invitation to the festival came from Extremity Retain Booking. On our arrival […]

The most important Rock and Metal festival in Latin America Hell And Heaven Fest returns in March 14th & 15th/ 2020 in the framework of the 10° Anniversary of its creation. In this way the festival that entered the ranking of the best festivals in the world. The celebration will take place at FORO PEGASO […]

#Perdida is a Deeply Personal Album that Weaves Introspective Lyrics and Unexpected Instruments Together Across 10 Songs for an Emotional and Musical Journey The First Single – “Fare Thee Well” – can be heard at Rock Rage Radio or in our App The Full Album Will Be Released on February 7 Stone Temple Pilots embark upon […]

KnotFest Mexico joins Force Fest to offer an epic weekend at Parque Ocenía. Amazing headliners such as Slipknot, Evanescence, Behemoth , Carcass & more. With a lineup that mixes metal legends international as well as contemporary figures, the Knotfest Meets Force Fest gives a warning accurate to the public that it will be an epic […]

Suicide Silence + Revocation in Mexico City. The sound of SUICIDE SILENCE has been compared in the media as a machine gun. They were named “Best New Talent” in the Golden Gods Revolver and dominated the Rockstar Mayhem tour festival as early as 2009. “No Time to Bleed” entered the Billboard Top 40. “Wake up” […]

We can catalogue as magical the concert offered by the finnish singer Tarja Turunen, friday´s night at Circo Volador The Metal Catedral in Mexico City. Tarja appeared on the stage looking like a golden goddess with a radiant acctitude and full of energy. She started de night with “Serene” follow by the next setlist: Demons […]

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