Author: Sahar Ajdamsani

Pourya Heydari is one of the famous Iranian composer & arranger who is also piano player & he is talented in all music styles. He was born in 1981 & founded limitless music band. Interview by: Sahar Ajdamsani When did you find yourself interested in music and when did you enter the professional music market? […]

Dellacoma Rio is an Australian rock singer, composer & songwriter that you will know him in this interview. Interview by : Sahar Ajdamsani 1. How did you get into music? I grew up in an acapella church (only singing, no instruments) and both my parents love to sing so from a very young age music […]

Interview by : Sahar AjdamsaniReza Yazdani is Iran’s greatest rock star, as well as actor, composer, songwriter, arranger, musician who likes animals. His followers named him Sultan, and he has been the number one rock star in Iran for 20 years. One of Reza Yazdani’s features that distinguishes him is his unique voice and his […]

Kaveh Yahghmaei, born in 1967, is an Iranian rockstar, composer. music arranger, songwriter & guitar, piano & drum player. He is the son of celebrated Persian rock music Kourosh Yaghmaei . Kaveh & Kourosh are two of most prominent rock singers in Iran. Kaveh Yaghmaei is very popular in Iran & has a lot of […]

Reza Yazdani, born in 1973, is an Iranian rockstar, actor, composer, music arranger, guitar player, songwriter & animal lover who has enjoyed a lot of popularity since he entered music, where for many years he has been considered as one of the two top Iranian singer in rock style. His unique voice and excellent performance […]

Reza Yazdani, one of the most prominent Iranian rock stars, staged special concert of ’20 Years With Reza Yazdani’ on Friday December 14 with a unique performance at the Milad Tower in Tehran. Reza Yazdani’s special concert was held with an enthusiastic reception by the audience as it was extended for the second time due […]

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