Battle of the Music Videos – FACEOFF: Papa Roach vs. Red Sun Rising

11 February 2018 Music Videos News


Battle of the Music Videos!

These two videos are the ones who emerged victorious in the last round. Papa Roach surged ahead with a strong lead against Fozzy’s “Painless” video while Red Sun Rising battled back and forth for the lead against Breaking Benjamin’s video for “Red Cold River”, and then pulling ahead when it really counted. Now the two face-off to be the champion of the week, so get those votes in!

Tune in to The Sideshow with Jess on Wednesday starting at 11pm EST and keep an eye out for the next music video battle on Thursday!

Now tell me, who is going to be crowned the music video champ of the week?

If you have any thoughts on the videos you’d like to share, feel free to sound off in the comments! Connect with the bands on their social links and check out their websites.

Papa Roach:

Red Sun Rising

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