Behind the Mic – Get to Know the Rock Rage Radio On Air Personalities! Meet Cindy Brewer…

Written by on September 16, 2020

Where were you born?    

The Land of Oz!! Kansas. Heart of America!!

Who got you started in loving Rock and Metal Music?

I remember going to the store as a kid and seeing Motley Crue Shout at the Devil. My mom bought it for me and the rest is History!!

What was your first Concert? 

Where was it at and who went with you? First actual concert was Journey.  Me and my cousin went. But as far as my favorite first was Ozzy and Metallica. That was Metallica’s first big show right here in Kansas!!

What made you start doing a Radio Show?

I love discovering new artists and talking with them from around the world.  There is so much talent out there and if I can get bands heard more and possible gigs CB lined up then I’ve done my job. Music is just what I love. 

What Five Bands have you discovered since hosting a radio show and have turned you into a Fan? 

Man, there are so many.  Doomstress, WarCloud,  Motheship, JWL, and Gulch from Kansas 

What do you miss most about not having live concerts in 2020?

I miss the great connections with family. I miss the in your face Metal!! I miss it all. 

What is your perfect after Concert Meal? 

Chocolate. Always chocolate. 

If a movie was made about your life, who would star as you?

I’ve been told I look like Drew Barrymore. So I’ll go with that. 

What is your Favorite Movie of all time?

Breakfast Club. 

If you were selected to be inducted into the Rock N Roll HAll Of Fame, who would be your presenter and why?

Jason Momoa. Because of how much he’s into music. About to how much he’s into family, saving the planet and just a grounded dude.  Always remember where you cane from. Always.  Plus he’s kinda pretty. 

What is the single most embarrassing moment of your life?

I am a clumsy person. I fall at every chance. So I meta few bands and was running to get some cd’s from them and boom. Right on my ass!! In front of everybody. 

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