Behind the Mic…Get to Know the Rock Rage Radio Personalities! Meet Pokey Bones “Chris Jones”

Written by on September 21, 2020

Where were you Born?   


Who Got you into Rock and Metal Music?   

 It wasn’t  so much a who, as a what. Football. Between Metallica and AC/DC  in the locker room to GnR in the weight room. That started it, and it grew very eclecticly from there. Jackyl, Ugly Kid Joe, everything late 80’s early 90’s and beyond. 

When and Where was your First Concert?  Who went with you?   

My first rock concert was in 1998 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY. I went mainly for the opening act. The Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band. I so disappointed at the way their set was handled.  The lights were left up. Sound guy sucked. People were walking around and talking about stupid shit. It was a disservice to a great band. Headliner…… Aerosmith. Nine lives tour. Just a few weeks before Steven Tyler jacked his knee up on the same tour. I definitely am fortunate to have gotten to see those guys before father time started being a dick to them. The energy of Steven Tyler was so memorable,  I can still see him sprinting across the stage and climbing the railing to say hi to those not on the floor. He then slid down a pole back to the stage. He sprinted to the other side of the stage and did the same thing. Impressive to say the LEAST! My ex wife was fortunate enough to be my date that evening.  I should have left her ass in Lexington.  

What are some of your Favorite Bands that you discovered while hosting your Radio Show?     

There are so many bands that have blown me away. The saddest part is some of these bands are no longer fighting to pour their hearts out for fans. That’s why its important to support independent music. Your local music. I will say a favorite that is gone, World Gone out of Jacksonville,  FL. One that is still kicking and will rock out a PHENOMENAL show…. 3 Minutes to Live out of Nashville, TN. Give them a listen,, show them some love. 

If you could only choose one Band to see live…Who would it be?  Where would it be?  And who would be opening up for them?

If I could see Rammstein with I Prevail at Neyland Stadium, that would be great. Mmmmmmyeah. Thanks.

What is your Favorite Festival Experience?

Waking up to the chore of remembering where I am, where I’m supposed to be and trying to figure out what day it is. 

What is your Goto After Concert Food?

IHOP…… Stop trying to drag me to Waffle House bitches!!!

What are the 3 Bands everyone should see live?

Your 3 favorite local bands. Buy a Tshirt!BUT!!!!!!

3 Minutes to Live, Avatar, Nothing More.

If they made a documentary about your life, who would star as you and would it be a movie or miniseries?

Ryan Reynolds would get a 3 movie deal out of my story. Rock on!

What Band is on your Bucket List?


What is your Favorite Movie?


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