Behind the MIC with Rock Power Couple Roxie & J-ROC! Get to know the Rock Rage Radio Staff behind the show Only the Strong!

Written by on October 10, 2020

Where were you Born?

ROXIE – Missouri  

J-ROC – Hoopeston, Illinois

Who Got you into Rock and Metal Music?

Roxie – Always loved Rock from the Jump, I loved the Energy, Sound and People that listened to it. Always made me feel like a Rebel.

J-ROC – My Father

When and Where was your First Concert?  Who went with you?

Roxie – First Concert was at the state fair, it was Randy Travis. My Parents wanted to go, I got to sit with My Uncle Wayne so we had Fun, He let me drink beer with him. First Real Rock Show, Pantera at the Danville Civic Center, Jr year of High school with Angela Mockbee.

J-ROC – 1988 Assembly Hall in Champaign with a great friend

What are some of your Favorite Bands that you discovered while hosting your Radio Show?

Roxie – Divide the Empire, Burdens Within, Common Jones, Dirty Machine, Rags and Riches

J-ROC – Neverwake, I Prevail

If you could only choose one Band to see live…Who would it be?  Where would it be?  And who would be opening up for them?

Roxie – Rage Against the Machine most definitely, Fever 333 and Dirty Machine would open. Deer Creek or now know as Ruoff Music Center.

J-Roc – Neverwake and I Prevail in Chicago!

What is your Favorite Festival Experience?

Roxie – Hard toss up with Rock On the Range and Rock USA.


What is your Goto After Concert Food?

Roxie – Steak And Shake Frisco Burger with Extra sauce, unless it is a festival, then chicken & cheese curd Tacos

J-ROC – Pizza!

What are the 3 Bands everyone should see live?

Roxie – Fever 333, Volbeat and Clutch

J-ROC – I Prevail, Volbeat and Clutch

If they made a documentary about your life, who would star as you and would it be a movie or miniseries?

Roxie -I would say it has to Be a Miniseries, too long for a movie. Charlize Theron.

J-ROC – Nicholas Cage in Miniseries

What Band is on your Bucket List?

Roxie – Led Zepplin reunion with Jason Bonham 

J-ROC – Neverwake

What is your Favorite Movie?

Roxie – The Princess Bride

J-ROC – 300

Listen to Roxie & J-ROC every Saturday on Only the Strong Radio Show at 10am eastern on

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