Brother Strange “Burn It Down” EP Review

10 September 2017 Album Review News

The Texas border town of El Paso, has produced a lot of unforgettable individuals, the legendary actress Debbie Reynolds was born there, it was birthplace of the late great professional wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, famed song writer Clint Ballard Jr. hailed from El Paso, and the Texas town is still producing greatness, and that’s what you get when you throw in some Brother Strange tunes, nothing but stoner rock, in your face awesome music.

A few months back I came to know the music from Brother Strange. A colleague here on Rock Rage Radio introduced me to their music and asked if I would be interested in giving the band some airplay as well as a possible interview. After giving their tunes a listen or two, I was not only willing to speak with the band, I was hooked.

So I was more than excited when I received a kick ass gift this week from the Brother Strange, vocalist, Steve Salazar. I opened up the package from the mail and there it was, the new EP from the band, Burn it Down. Now before I popped in the music, I looked on the back to check out the titles of the tunes, and in the “Special Thanks” section, the band gave mention to Rock Rage Radio, as well as my radio show, Hardcore Henderson. For that I am thankful and honored, but, a kick ass gesture or not, I was not going to be biased in a music review.

I threw the CD in my car and started off on my hour commute to the lovely place that I call work.
And right off the bat, the music struck me like a whack from a boat paddle to the ass.
The one thing I noticed that Brother Strange is good at, that is throwing down some hard hitting edgy tunes, I got that from their earlier melodies, and it doesn’t stop in the second helping of music.
Burn It Down has five tracks on the EP, and being brutally honest, I dig every damn one of them.
The sound of Brother Strange is what I call raw, it has a quality of old school Black Sabbath to it, a vintage vibe.

The guitar riffs from Mike Mosholder are rough and rigid, James Luevane produces a thumping bass line, Mark Wright lays down heavy on the kick drum, and the vocals of Steve Salazar is gruff , but, in a good way. All four make a sound that is like grit in your belly and spit in your eye, it is unapologetic rock, and it is nothing but sheer badassery. And yes, I have copyrighted badassery!
Now this is the kind of music you can throw on, gather together with a group of friends, light up the BBQ pit, and chug down a sh*t load of cold ones.

If you dig music that is not over produced, fearless, forceful, and downright in your face, then you need to check out, Brother Strange.

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