Chicago Open Air 2019 Recap

Written by on May 20, 2019

Chicago open air May 18,19 2019. What an amazing Fest And The Rock Goddess was there to catch it all. Day 1 was delayed due to terrible storms Rain , hail , and high winds. So the first 3 bands , Vein, Knocked loose, and Code Orange, did not get to play. And the fest started with Beartooth. High energy , great fun. And they announced the the openers would play a pop up show that night , for anyone who was upset about missing them . I thought that was pretty awesome. Next band Meshuggah, wow they sure had the crowd riled up , I counted at least 5 distinctive pits running during that set. Definitely a fan favorite as that floor was crazy with crowd surfers and those pits. And then there was Ghost, one of my personal great expectations for the day, and they did not disappoint. Music was on point , Cardinal Copia was much funnier than last time I saw them. Also they had a solo during the set, where if you are a Ghost fan you would dig this, Papa from the videos , came out and played a sax solo. It was all in all a great show. And one I would highly recommend. System of the Down was the last band of the night. And wow. What can I say other than what I was trying to capture via picture. The almost pulsating crowd was a sight to see for sure. One that I got up in the stands to try to catch the spirit of. Day 2 was a much better day as far as the weather went, it threatened to storm a bunch of times, but no storms so the show went on as scheduled. Starting off with Alien Weaponry who of course played the new single they have out right now “holding my breath” and kicked off the show in amazing high energy fashion. And then there was Black Dahlia Murder, they were holy cow fast and loud , and had huge pits and crowd surfers. And got the whole arena ready for much more music on the way. So many people crowd surfing, and then going back to do it again. I counted 3 pits this early in the afternoon. And that is for sure a great way to start a day. What can I even say about Fever 333?? WOW just WOW. They started the set with “made in America” and went into the crowd to talk to people , had a short exchange with someone who screamed something rude somewhere in the arena. And then proceeded to shout out the WOMEN in ROCK and Metal. Sang the new single “one of us” and the broke into a drum solo of drum solos . All 3 band members playing together at the same time. And then finished off the show singing from THE ROOFTOP next to the stage. In this Moment was really great , with the very cool stage show , and props , was certainly something that I was happy to see. Finishing up with Whore , and sending balloons out into the crowd was a very cool touch as well. The Cult was great , playing signature songs, as well as 2 songs dedicated to The prodigy, as they knew each other , as well as filling in the spot on the fest due to the death of the singer. That was a very classy touch. Tool………………….. what do you say about tool? Very cool lighting , and the music as on point. For sure a show people should make a point to see at least one time in their lifetime. Make sure you check out the pics and videos posted both on here and FB pages for all the very cool content.

Fever 333 Singing from the ROOFTOP!!!
f the Down

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