Doom City Fest

Written by on February 27, 2020

We had the opportunitty to enjoy one of the most underground metal fest in the cosmopolite Mexico City at Sangriento Bar.

Festival that took place in the courtyard of an abandoned flour factory, with a touch between underground and hispter.

Very kindly the invitation to the festival came from Extremity Retain Booking.

On our arrival It was the turn to play to The Obsessed, a North American band from Maryland, pioneers of the Doom Metal that could not be missing in this 1st emission!, after 25 years they returned to Mexico City.

Band of stone Doom formed in the mid-seventies, with an energy and elegance on stage giving a demonstration of what the years and good rock can achieve.

A presentation full of energy, majestic, and musically masterful, cult band for stoner lovers. My ears were grateful for such a good sound that I will hardly forget.

It was the turn to Mantar , a German band that combines the Post Punk with a touch of certain Mayhem Doom, that overflows with the first riff you can hear. Hanno & Erinc electrify the stage with flogging beats and blackened melodies, while people jumped and fell prey to the fury of Moshpit.

The climax of his presentation came when they wore masks of fighters, Blue Demon and La Parka who recently passed away, giving a sense of belonging to the host country. A band that you will hardly erase from your mind after having seen them live.

The time for the Headliner had arrived. A dark and gloomy stage awaited the first notes of the natives of Belgium, Amenra, with genre Post Metal Down Tempo, Hard Core, who started the concert with an image on the screen that resembles being a bird (a swan) in free fall as if suffering.

Acute sounds from the clash between two metal parts, Colin appeared on stage with a hooded black sweatshirt and turned his back on the audience, the “ritual” began where his powerful voice could well be a weapon of destruction or a soft melody, which resembles being fragile, in a subjective reality of What a human being really is.

A show full of mysticism and fatality combined that at times absorbed the mind and put you into musical magic, where can you perceive human sensations of pain and glory.

We consider that the festival complied adhoc to the title, a Doom Party wich in which we will be very pleased to return

We thank the organizers of the event for the facilities granted for the realization of this review

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