Dragon Force returns Mexico City!

Written by on July 1, 2019

Dragon Force

The British band of power metal Dragon Force formed in the year 1999 in London will be another group of first line invited to this show that combines music and sport. Characterized by having in its formation musicians from China, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Ukraine and with lyrics that exploit the epic and fantastic side of power metal confirmed its return to our country to be part of this event announcing at the same time that Mexico It will be one of the first countries that will be able to listen live to the songs on their new album and 7 that will perform songs that had not been played live before such as “Inside the Winter Storm” and “Cry for Eternity”, to name two examples. DragonForce differs from other power and heavy metal bands in the speed of its tracks, its fast solos, the influence of keyboard sounds (similar to old video games) and the use of blast beat on the drums, which gives it an unmistakable stamp that will be unloaded in Mexico on Saturday, July 13. The International Race & Sambo Combat will take place in the Frontón México on July 13 of this year starting at 3:00 p.m. and, in addition to the scheduled fights, will feature the musical participation of the artists Dragon Force, View Point , Victims of Dr. Cerebro and Sian, in search of obtaining two world champions of mixed martial arts and Sambo world champions (Men and Women). Tickets for sale in the Fronticket System and at the ticket office of the property.

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