Epicenter Recap- DAY 1

Written by on May 11, 2019

And just like that, day one is complete for Epicenter 2019.

We kicked the day off with a black coffee. They are one of those bands that has an old 70s vibe to them, very high energy and they even look the part like a bunch of people that time travel from the 70s and are here today just putting on the same music that you know they grew up with. Next up was DED who were absolutely f****** brought it this weekend. They were introduced on this weekend’s xm octane stage by none other than Jose Mangin and Grant Random themselves and that was absolutely the right choice and kick this weekend. They actually brought one of the biggest pits to start the festival off. Their pit was enormous and as high-energy the whole time they kept everyone on their feet. The next set we saw were Wilson. We knew they would be high energy and an epic set, they sure did not disappoint! Keep your eyes on Wilson, as they are on the rise. They played one of the new songs that they debuted yesterday and fllowed up with crowd favorite, “You Always Fxck Up My High.” Their keyboardist she was wearing a white overcoat with a mask and she get out there and stage dived and crowd-surf for the last song or so, and just Wilson absolutely brought it there! One of my top five sets of the day I was looking forward to them but I didn’t realize they’re going to be that amazing.

While Aaron was over with Wilson Ash stepped over to the acoustic stage on the Zippo we had a Beartooth over there which is a weird concept for me personally because they’re such a hard act and to see them acoustic was a completely different vibe but they absolutely killed it it was very emotional and raw and definitely something you should check out! I believe that they will be uploading that footage as well to all the socials so make sure to check it out for yourself. At this point it was starting to rain which was epic because we were just so hot from the heat and it was the perfect moment to just refresh us and get us ready for none other than BEARTOOTH’s full set, and the fact that we have to experience it in the rain. if you have never been to a bear to show it is absolutely phenomenal like top five acts I’ve ever seen. Beartooth is definitely up there. Up next was motherfuking Knocked Loose. I was anticipating this set the whole just that was one of my top five you’re actually play top two sets of looking forward to it for the whole weekend and I was not f****** letdown whatsoever this set was just from start to finish just absolutely f****** brutal the crowd was just phenomenally just engaged the mosh pit was f****** insane the two steppin was just nonstop. They just plain brought it.

Meanwhile back on the main stage we had Dorothy and man Dorothy she can throw down as well, it’s not hardcore like knocked loose, but a totally different vive much more freestyle just an overall great chill vibe for Dorothy and she delivered. She did play some of her new tracks that have the rap remix, but she did the rock version and was sure to let us know about that one as well. She definitely put her all into it as she got rained out last week at Rockville but she did get a chance to deliver this week at epicenter. Skillet hit the stage next, again another fan favorite. Skillet always have just a massive collection of hits that you’re guaranteed to sing along with every set. I am getting a little disappointed at the setlist/effects due to they haven’t changed the set up too much in the last few years. So I’m hoping with the new album that we will be seeing a bit of a set change as we are starting to see the same thing over and over from them. Next was Crystal Method who was the replacement act for The Prodigy this year. Going in we were a bit unsure, but the whole change of vibe in the festival was a nice surprise. We were able to watch him a distance and just be able to take that chill moment and grab some food was a good break. SHOUT OUT to Island Noodles- that shit is dope! Oh SHIT! and you know who we forgot HYRO THE HERO he just lit the place up all over the stage and gave us all a great first impression. We did not expect that high energy and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him again this summer on both Vans Warped Tour and the Disrupt Festival, so if you’re going to either of those be sure to check him out. Hyro also did a high-energy performance little renditions of Limp Bizkit break stuff which with his high energy absolutely matched!You can see just the raw emotion pouring out of him, reminded us of Jason from The Fever 333. Evanescence took to the stage next and I was kind of shocked about the amount of people that were just kind of walking around and talking amongst themselves not really paying attention to the show but they weren’t really impressed with it. We were honestly a little too far back to get note of what was fully going on physically on stage. However, I could see a solid performance and the spot that stood out the most for evanescence’s set was the Bring Me To Life track which of course was their final track of the night and usually we had 12 Stones in there for the little bit rap part and they completely skipped over that but the crowd totally came back in here and pick that up where you could hear everyone singing along on to the”Wake Me Up Inside” portion was really cool.

&& do we even really need to talk about Rob Zombie and Korn like seriously you know they were phenomenal I know they were phenomenal. BUT there was this one part during Rob zombie set he was playing Everybody’s Fxcking in a UFO and there happened to be a drone right over top of the stage that made it look like there was a UFO looking over the crowd and it was just an epic moment as well. 

Overall- Day1 went great. There was a ton of traffic issues, but we were lucky enough that we got here early so it did not affect us. Just get here early friends and lets rawk day 2! Stay tuned in to ROCK RAGE RADIO for everything EPICENTER as we bring you live content all weekend long!

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