Fall Of Man-“Hallways and Doors” EP Review

9 September 2017 Album Review News

The California based metal band, Fall Of Man, have the goods when it comes to kicking your teeth in with hard hitting melodic metal. Their EP, Hallways and Doors has been out for some time now, but, their sound is still refreshing.

Hallways and Doors begins with a measured melodic groove, it flows slowly, but yet powerful. The second track, Lullaby hits hard, heavy drums, gutsy guitars, but yet, still a harmonious vibe to it. The music is dark, melodious and commanding. The voice of Erica Barile is seeming soft and meek, but, as they say of the meek, it is power under control, and her pipes have enough power to push it over the top, as you can hear in track five, Glory.

Over all, all six tunes on this EP showcase a mellow yet heavy feel to them, if you’re into dramatic grooving tunes, then you’ll dig Fall Of Man.

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