Fifth Freedom: “Heartbreak & Hellfire” [Album Review]

11 November 2017 Album Review News

Being the son of a Mother who always had rock music blaring throughout the house, I have always fancied myself as a knowledgeable aficionado of that musical genre, and when it comes to quality rock, I know what I like. I am talking rock with not only a backbone, but rock with soul, meaningful heartfelt lyrics, music you can feel, what I consider “real rock”.

What bands would I exactly classify as “real rock”?

Band’s such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Crowes, Blackstone Cherry, and Shinedown are what I throw in the category as real rocking bands. And the cool thing about it all, there are band’s still making this real raw rocking sound, and there is no doubt, Fifth Freedom is one of the bands who possess that eminence of rock in which I totally dig.

You’d probably not expect a band who hails from Maine to showcase a southern rock sound, but I am telling you the truth, when it comes to solidified rock, Fifth Freedom has the goods.

Their latest album, “Heartbreak & Hellfire” was released back a little over a year ago. It showcases ten tracks of tunes that have it all, hard rock, bluesy ballads, just sheer rock music with a pulse. Not just music made to be heard, but music that was meant to be felt.

So, for some in the mainstream musical media who declare rock is dead, I say get an ear full of Fifth Freedom and you’ll come to realize, not only is rock still alive and well, it’s thriving and still kicking major ass!

Fifth Freedom
Heartbreak & Hellfire
Track List:
1. Battle Cry
2. Coming Back for More
3. Bridge to Burn
4. Midnight Rain
5. Seasons Changing
6. Something I Believe
7. Man Without Skin
8. Wise Man
9. Someday
10. Standing Last

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