Flogging Molly Reveals Second Wave of Bands on 5th Annual Salty Dog Cruise

Written by on February 21, 2019



Flogging Molly has revealed the second wave of bands for their 5th annual Salty Dog Cruise. The cruise will set sail aboard Royal Carribbean’sSerenade of The Seas on November 8th in Fort Lauderdale for a 4-night trip filled with sunshine, adventure, music, and the only skateboard ramp at sea. Come sail withFrank Turner & The Sleeping SoulsPennywiseStiff Little FingersHepcatMariachi El Bronx,Face To FaceStreet DogsThe BronxThe FactionPunk Rock KaraokeBrogue Wave, andPounded By The Surf from Fort Lauderdale to Key West and CocoCay.

Known for their insane live shows, Flogging Molly has been taking their invigorating stage act to the seas over the past four years, captivating audiences full of long-time fans and new friends, and creating new memories with an impressive lineup of equally amazing musical acts. Cruise packages can be purchased through the cruise website.  

Also, the band will be kicking off their Winter headline tour tonight in Mashantucket, CT with Lucero andFace To Face taking turns providing support. This trek will lead them to their 5th annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium

Not only will you get a host of entertaining live music opportunities with nightly shows in the Main Theater and additional shows elsewhere – but there are pools, pool tables, a rock climbing wall, mini golf, and a sports court. A total of 6 different bar experiences exist throughout the ship, including a wine bar and an English pub. On-shore excursions are available as well, including – but certainly not limited to – Flamingo Gardens and Wildlife Sanctuary Park, pub crawls, parasailing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and helicopter, bike, and kayak tours. Take some time to enjoy the solarium, rock climbing wall, and spa and fitness center to have a well-rounded trip and help set the standard for all future vacations! 

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