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Former Whitesnake Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg’s Band, Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Releases New Album

6 November 2017 News

Hair bands are back and they come in the form of Vandenberg’s Moonkings. Former Whitesnake guitarist, Adrian Vandenberg’s band, Vandenberg Moonkings recently released their new album ‘MK 11′. Definitely a flashback to hair bands of the 80’s, the album’s new mix of songs is quite refreshing in the genre of rock music today. Heavy with guitars, falsetto high notes and solid core rock n’ roll.

Adrian is ready and raring to get their music out to their fans and play live. “We’ll start in spring with Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, followed by France and Spain. In summer we’ll do festivals, followed by tours through America and Japan. It’s going to be a thrill to play with this band. I’ve been gone for too long, so I’m simply raring to go out there and rock everybody’s socks off!” ” I’ve been a professional musician for over forty years, but I am still as eager as I have always been and still have the feeling that I’m just getting started. I am convinced that we have many good years ahead with this band.”

The album begins with “Tightrope” and a listener can’t  help but to think that this song is definitely a reincarnation of Whitesnake. Even the second song, “Reputation” has a sound similar to “Still Of The Night”. Although, a little bluesy with the guitars. Additionally, it could be because Adrian Vandenberg’s vocals sound hauntingly analogous to David Coverdale.

The standout song on the album goes to “Angel In Black”. The guitar riffs at the introduction, followed in with Adrian’s vocals, and a slow start to what sounds like it is going to be a ballad. However half way into the intro, the song ends up being an uptempo song about a woman who is wolf in sheep’s clothing. The hook of the chorus is what will draw the listeners in due to the familiarity of the lyrics, “She’s an angel in black, she’s a devil with a pair of white wings.”, because we all have known an “an angel in black.” at one point in our lives.

An overall amazingly put together album. The album truly shows Adrian’s love and eagerness towards his craft, where he is a veteran in the industry. The hardcore 80’s rock hairband rock fans are out there and they are yearning for what MK II brings to the table.


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