Behind the Scenes: Among Saints’ Music Inspiration

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Among Saints: Unveiling the Inspiration Behind Their Powerful Music

Today, we had the incredible opportunity to sit down for a chat with Jessie Saint from Among Saints. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we take you behind the scenes!

Cel: – Hi Jesse! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! I’d love to dive into some questions about your music. Are you ready?

Jesse Saint: Of course! Go ahead!

Cel: Perfect. Let’s start. What meaning or message did you intend to convey with your latest release?

Jesse Saint: Our latest single “Hold me Under” is a bit of an anthem or ode to one’s ability to “persevere” in the face of being “held down” by “anxiety, mental illness, demons, etc.” Often one’s biggest foe is themselves!

Cel: Is there an interesting story behind the creation of your latest album or single?

Jesse Saint: It is a long time Coming! I originally wrote the music while I was touring with a band on Sumerian Records 6 years ago. After the Pandemic when Among Saints came to fruition, I asked a Bassist friend of mine Matt Snell (formerly Five Finger Death Punch, currently Kill Devil Hill) to play some bass on the song. It’s went through a couple changes over the years but the Song has finally come to fruition! Even though it’s our 5th Release, it was actually the first song we worked on as a band!

Cel: How would you describe the sound of your band to someone who has never heard your music before?

Jesse Saint: If you are a Fan of Popular Rock & Metal Radio music with Primarily Clean Vocals then you might “Dig Us”. Fans of Newer acts like “Dayseeker, Bad Omens & From Ashes to New, & older acts like Sixx AM, 30 Seconds to Mars, Shinedown I think will like us but we also have a bit of an 80’s vibe “Vocally” & our True sound is something we are still finding as we Debut in October of 2023!

Cel: What’s the most unusual place where you’ve found inspiration for a song?

Jesse Saint: I typically get song ideas during the witching hour or in general right around when I get comfy haha and have to jump up to grab a guitar! The most Unusual “Way” I derived lyrics is quite funny! My vocalist Jake had sent me a Vocal demo for our Song “Ends in War” & I sent him that I really enjoyed the lyric “Everything Ends in War” along with a few others, and that we should make that the theme. He agreed even though Nothing he wrote was Even close to the lyrics “I thought I heard”. We went with mine even though I had “Miss Heard” all of them!

Cel: Do you have any pre-show traditions or rituals before hitting the stage for a concert?

Jesse Saint: Stretching!!! I typically do Guitar warm ups based on the 1st song of the setlist. I’ve found once you get through the first song everyone kinda loosens up. I do a 20 minute Warm Up routine, just basic stretches. While I’m doing actual physical stretches I typically go over a few of the “Zen of Screaming by Melissa Cross” Vocal Warm Ups! Over the years I’ve lengthened or shortened my Routine but I like to be Ready to Rock in about 20 minutes of Warning!

Cel: What’s the biggest lesson your band has learned so far?

Jesse Saint: Patience! I’ve been touring for 15+ years, mostly as a Hired Gun in Rock & Metal bands! Our other members have all toured as well and the “Music Business” in general is almost completely opposite of what it once was! 20 years ago when I started it was all about “Record Labels & Physical Sales”. Nowadays becoming an Influencer is probably the fastest Route to Success & “Self Financing & Streaming” has taken over. Regardless of Trends “If you are Patient” and can Self Release 1-3 albums and Go on Tour without losing All Your Band members then you’ll Probably do Really Well!

Cel: Is there a particular place or city that you’ve found to be especially receptive to your music?

Jesse Saint: We have yet to take “Among Saints” out on the Road but we are Tentatively Ready to go in May! I spoke to our Booking Agent last week and we are primarily looking at Festival Dates, One Offs & Cancellations this summer followed by a Few short tours in Fall!

Cel: If you could choose a recurring theme in your music, what would it be and why?

Jesse Saint: Well, I write most of the music & I do in fact add themes! Haha I am an old school Metal Music fan and although Among Saints leans more to Rock I am forever adding more & more Metal Influence.

I try to write what best suites the musicians in the band and the sound of the band overall but if “Song Length” were Not an issue I’d put a Break Down & Guitar Leads in every Track! The band name “Among Saints” itself is a testament to Musicians Touring year-round for very little money, only to be unappreciated or even mocked online All in the Name of Art! You Truly have to be a “Saint” to have the passion to do music for a Living (at least a little.)

Cel: Do you have any side projects outside of the band that you’re passionate about?

Jesse Saint: I actually do have quite a Few albums that I plan to release before the End of the year! I started touring in 2004 and now that it’s 2024 I’m putting out a Few “Unreleased Albums” just to Celebrate my 20 years! Beyond music, I am a “Painter, Tattooist & Graphic Artist”! Find me “Jesse Saint” on Social Media as I have many Paintings & Tattoo Flash for Sale! If you come out to an “Among Saints Show” find me at Merch as I’ll have some of my Artwork for Sale!

Cel: What’s the biggest challenge your band has faced, and how did you overcome it?

Jesse Saint: The biggest challenge for Any act is the 100,000 Songs that Release every single day to Streaming! Some say that will increase to 200k per day by the End of the year! So in general how do you get Noticed for “Making Music” when the whole world  is releasing Too Much? You can take quick routes like being “Shocking, Political etc.” or you can write the best Tunes you can & wait it out! We are just writing the Best stuff we can & hope that over time, slowly but surely the industry will heal & when it does we will Noticed! Regardless, we write music because it’s a part of us, if it has success that’s just a bonus!


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Jessie Saints describing his music.


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Cel: Is there a funny or anecdotal moment you remember from a live performance?

Jesse Saint:  Shenanigans! It’s a Tour pastime of old that Not everybody knows about! So as a Right of passage on tour, the last day of tour is Shenanigans. Which means that all the acts will “Pull Pranks” on each other typically while onstage & off. Depending on the acts involved it could be as innocent as “Confetti or Water pistols” involved or it can get pretty nasty! I’ll leave this story

Cel: What’s your recovery ritual after a long tour or series of concerts?

Jesse Saint: After every tour I Weirdly record New Song Ideas when I get home! For at at least the first night I’m still so amped and filled with musical ideas I have to kinda keep going with the theme! For days 1-3 of getting home from tours i Drink as much Water as possible & eat as clean as possible. I’d like to claim that I keep up with the Clean Eating and self  care after the first week home but I guess I’ve got more work to do!

Cel: If you could choose an iconic venue or festival to play, what would it be and why?

Jesse Saint: Madison Square Garden, Donnington, Wacken, ShipRocked, Red Rock! I’ve actually been very lucky to have played almost every major festival in the US! For some reason I’ve still just never got to play Red Rocks, as well through my journey’s as a Hired Gun I kept landing in acts that “Did Not” tour overseas. Most of my “Bucket List” shows to play are overseas but in General we are “Super Pumped to play Anywhere & Everywhere”. This first year of shows and small tours is going to be Ruff but we are just pumped to get to go play!

Cel: What advice would you give to up-and-coming bands who are starting their career in the music industry?

Jesse Saint: Be Humble, Be Kind, Never Give Up! I know, I know that sounds pretty basic and lame but I’ve toured almost Non Stop for 20 years and Not giving up is the Biggest Part! If you are Humble then people will stay with you on your journey long enough for it to come to fruition. If you are Kind you might just be lucky enough to Not have all your members quit & that’s a huge factor (think of how many acts only have one original member.) If you do something you love for a living then you never work a day in your life! Cheers to Not Working!


Thank you once again to Jessie Saints for sharing his time and experiences with us. His passion for music and dedication to his craft are truly inspiring. 

We also want to express our gratitude to Rock Rage Radio for providing us with this space to connect with talented artists like Jessie. Stay tuned for more interviews and exciting content!

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