Honest lyrics with raw, gritty vocals and an amplification of guitars to shred listeners in The Simple Radicals’ newest release “Medicate”

Written by on June 12, 2019

MEDICATE is the lead-off active rock radio single from The Simple Radicals, featuring special guest guitarist Vernon Reid of the band Living Colour. The Simple Radicals are a retro hard rock band from the great blues and rock city of Chicago, Illinois, featuring John Malkin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and John Griffin on lead Guitar and vocals. Together, they capture the passion and energy of their collective musical experience by integrating their different tastes, sounds, and styles. The music they create is raw, visceral rock ‘n’ roll – poignant, from the heart, topical and direct.

As well as recording on the song, Vernon Reid also appears in an EPK video released by the band talking about the song, which is about the overuse of medication and drugs and mental illness that is a constant battle for people everywhere.


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