JIBE “Epic Tales of Human Nature” [Album Review]

11 October 2017 Album Review News

It’s taken well over a decade, but rock fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Jibe is back!

The Dallas born and bred rock band, Jibe, have not put out a record since 2003, but that has changed with their recent helping of music, Epic Tales of Human Nature. It’s thirteen tracks of pure rock, that has been described as a full-length concept album. It was recorded at the Orb Recording studios in Austin, TX, produced by Blue October’s Matt Noveskey, and mixed by the Grammy award winning producer/engineer, Toby Wright, who has also worked with Alice In Chains, Metallica and Korn.

I myself have sat and spun all thirteen tracks and I must say, it is the definition of Rock-n-Roll.
The album, and yes, I still say album, either way, right from the start the album jumps right in your face and throws down a solid dose of rock as track #1, “Children of the Sun” unfolds. As the record flows the listener is rocked hard with thunderous tunes. The music rolls hard until track #6 “A Shadow In The Garden”, which slows down the tempo with just a little over a minute long instrumental. “Sanctuary” is another beautiful instrumental and their acoustic tune, “Waiting” is also terrific work of art. Other than the three tracks just mentioned, everything else is pretty much what I dig, unapologetic rock.

Over all I believe the album to be not only a kick ass effort from the band, but a glorious return that the Jibe fans of old will no doubt grasp onto, and will assuredly bring forth new faithful followers after they get a glimpse of this work of art.

Welcome back, Jibe, it’s about damn time!
Release Date: October 6, 2017

1.Children of the Sun
2.Broken City
3.The Human Condition
5.Girl On A Hill
6.A Shadow In The Garden
8.We’ve Only Just Begun
9.Don’t Give It All Away
11.Best I Ever Had

Jibe Website www.jibeband.com
Jibe Facebook www.facebook.com/JIBEband
Purchase the Album http://2lin.cc/jibe_etohn

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