Joe Davis Band unleashes a powerful Guitar Driven assault on the Rock World!

Written by on August 11, 2020

Les Paul’s and Overalls………

If you like original hard rock metal music, that does not cater to trends. Keep reading. If you want to see a band go nuclear live on steriods with a slamming show that tears your face off and blows your mind…. this might be where you need to be….With the rise of social media and five tons of bands who are here today gone tomorrow, the JDB stands strong.
Its easier to show you live, what this band is rather than online.

THE JOE DAVIS BAND is a super powerful electrically charged guitar driven hard rock machine .This is a unique hard rock band with a one of kind sound, and the mixing of music madness that has never been done. Created by vocalist/ guitarist Joe Davis. Ranging from hard rock music, delta blues, southern music, and heavy metal riffs with award winning band with award winnng vocals. The The JDB is true original band. Writing their own music and creating their own sound with great pride and a live show that is untouchable. Not catering to trends or copying anyone, this band stands out and live puts on live command performances throughout the USA. Constantly working on live shows and creating live music. Appearing in national magazines world wide, as well as TV shows , radio stations and internet radio. The musicianship is over the top, and the songs are sincere.

With a life long passion for guitars a full on road dog for live shows. Joe Davis brings forth his firey creation of southern powerhouse music.
The Joe Davis Band was voted 2007 best hard rock act, and the 2008 best male vocalist of the Charlotte Music Awards.
Joe Davis has been seen in Guitar World Magazine, Guitar Legends, Guitar International and many more. Slowly climbing into the national spotlight as one of the most over the top guitarist in the country.

With on of the best live shows going. The JDB is looking to share their music with you and your friends. Please feel free to become a fan on the page, as well as visit our main site. Please share this site and our site with your friends. and buy a cd or two and help support original music! available on itunes as well.

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