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todayJanuary 8, 2024 14

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From amped guitar riffs, to emotionally driven vocals (even some bleghs), Southern Gospel with fill your ear holes with a the goodness of sound!

Southern Gospel is a band that has no band to compare to, they stand alone in their art that they create, which is what what was drawing me in.  The band was an instant add to my playlist and is in rotation on Not the Girl Next Door Show.

I wanted to know more about the band! I had a chance to get the know the band and to learn some insight on their new (for my show) music in an unadulterated, unedited interview. Make sure to check out Southern Gospel, their music and always #spreadtheloveformusic by sharing the music you love!




By: Not the Girl Next Door Show/Angela Mockbee

Make sure to tune in and turn it up every Monday-Friday from 9AM-Noon Eastern to Not the Girl Next Door Show. Playing you the #musicyoulove and #musicyouwillfallinlovewith!

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Written by: Road Dog

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