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Addictive guitar riffs, real world lyrics and amped energy is the latest sound invading the air waves and taking over by storm, being brought to you by Toronto’s very own, Zircon Tribe.

I had a chance to interview Zircon Tribe, to get the know the band and to learn some insight on their new (for my show) music in an unadulterated, unedited interview. Make sure to check out Zircon Tribe, their music and always #spreadtheloveformusic by sharing the music you love!


Tell us a little about the band, where are you from? How did you meet?

Zircon Tribe, a Toronto-based band formed by Elly, Renz, and Jose, emerged from a shared desire to break away from cover songs and create original music. With the addition of drummer Mario, the quartet embarked on a sonic journey blending rock and alternative influences. Their electrifying live performances quickly propelled them to headlining status at top Toronto venues, showcasing a dynamic stage presence and musical chemistry. Zircon
Tribe’s evolution from cover tunes to original compositions reflects their commitment to authenticity, making waves in the Toronto music scene and beyond.

• What kind of music would you describe your sound as? Who are some of your musical influences?

Zircon Tribe’s music is a dynamic blend of influences, drawing inspiration from the melodic depth of Incubus, the socio-political edge of Rage Against the Machine, and the hardcore punk energy of Turnstile. This diverse mix shapes their unique sound, incorporating emotive melodies, powerful social commentary, and an intense, visceral energy that sets them apart in the music scene.

• Let’s talk about the newest single “Parabellum”
Tell us what the song is about and what inspired the song?

“Parabellum,” Zircon Tribe’s empowering anthem, resonates with the indomitable spirit of resilience and the unwavering determination to ascend to the pinnacle, defying naysayers along the way. The song draws inspiration from the collective journey of the band, emphasizing the refusal to succumb to doubt or discouragement. The resolute chorus serves as a reassuring mantra, harking back to the innocence and optimism of childhood, promising that despite challenges, everything will be okay. It’s a bold declaration that, together, they will not only overcome obstacles but also make history. “Parabellum” is a rallying cry for anyone facing adversity, a testament to the band’s commitment to triumph and create a lasting impact through their music.

• How does the collaboration process work as far as writing/composing music?

“Parabellum,” the latest single by Zircon Tribe, is a sonic journey crafted in the heart of Toronto. Written by the band, this track showcases their evolution with a blend of raw energy and refined musicality. Produced, mixed, and mastered by the skilled hands of Scotty Komer, the song is a testament to the collaborative synergy between the band and their producer. “Parabellum” is a captivating piece that weaves together intricate melodies, powerful lyrics, and a production finesse that elevates the band’s sound to new heights. With its roots in Toronto’s vibrant music scene, this release marks another milestone in Zircon Tribe’s journey, promising an exhilarating experience for listeners ready to dive into the heart of their musical narrative.

How does it feel when you put all your hard work to the test and perform live? Do you have any crazy performance band/fan stories?

Performing our hard work live is an electrifying experience for Zircon Tribe, an exhilarating culmination of dedication and creative energy. The thrill of sharing our music with a live audience brings an indescribable sense of fulfillment, forging a unique connection with listeners in the moment. However, our live performances are not without their share of unexpected twists. In a particularly memorable incident, Elly, the band’s vocalist, added an unexpected acrobatic element to the show. Climbing atop the bass drum in a burst of spontaneous energy, Elly embarked on an impromptu stunt that left the crowd both stunned and entertained. The daring move took an unexpected turn when, in a heart-stopping moment, he fell backward, narrowly avoiding a collision with a stage wedge. It was a crazy, adrenaline-fueled escapade that added an unforgettable chapter to our live performance history, embodying the unpredictable and passionate spirit of Zircon Tribe’s musical journey.

Let’s shake it up a little. Tell us some strange facts about the band, that virtually no one would know.
Can’t think of any yet that no one would know, but maybe we can get back to this question next time?

What do you have planned for the rest of 2023?

In 2023, Zircon Tribe is all about crafting new music. Elly, Renz, Jose, and Mario are diving into intense writing sessions to explore fresh sounds and create powerful, captivating songs. They’re sharing glimpses of their creative process with fans, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in their musical journey. Stay tuned for what’s next!

By: Not the Girl Next Door Show/Angela Mockbee

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