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With a rhapsodical, down home, positive fever pitch vibe, Znora is sure to take over your ear holes in an instant.

Hailing from Arizona, this young, super talented band will soon become a staple band name your household. Recently releasing their single, “Sweet Baby Rae”, I had a chance to get the know the band and to learn some insight on their new (for my show) music in an unadulterated, unedited interview. Make sure to check out Znora, their music and always #spreadtheloveformusic by sharing the music you love!

Tell us a little about the band, where are you from? How did you meet?

Hey we are from Arizona and spend time in California too. Josh and I met in summer music camp when I was 13 and he was 15. We started this band together in 2019. Later, my middle school guitar teacher suggested Johny come audition for bass and we’ve been going strong this year together.-Adrian

What kind of music would you describe your sound as? Who are some of your musical influences?

Our sound is genre-bending but definitely has classic rock and blues rock in most songs. Some of our musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Stapleton, Santana, John Mayer, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin.

Let’s talk about the newest single “Sweet Baby Rae”. Tell us what the song is about and what inspired the song?
The long-awaited first single, ‘Sweet Baby Rae” from Znora will be released on all platforms Friday, November 17, 2023. It will be followed by their 5 song EP in December of 2023. All tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Cima Music in Tucson, AZ. “Sweet Baby Rae” is a fast, guitar-driven song with a catchy riff about a girl named Rae and her red Chevy Impala. Adrian Negrete, lyricist, vocalist, and lead guitarist for the band always jokes it is NOT about the barbecue sauce but is a fantasy about a cool lady with a late 60’s classic car. Josh Montano adds his pounding rock drums and Johny Rohde holds it down on the bass, sharing a punchy solo.

How does the collaboration process work as far as writing/composing music?

I write all the lyrics and melodies and riffs as the only guitar player. The guys add the drums and bass to the songs. – Adrian

How does it feel when you put all your hard work to the test and perform live?

We love to perform live. Josh and Adrian have played 225 live shows together in AZ, CA, NM and Nevada. Since Johny has joined the band he has cleared over 100 shows with us in 2023 alone.

Do you have any crazy performance band/fan stories?

We were playing rock music at an outdoor all ages venue and a group of younger kids started break dancing and made a dance off type circle and kept it going to our music. They were like professional dancers – it was crazy.

Let’s shake it up a little. Tell us some strange facts about the band, that virtually no one would know.

We stay up until 3-4am in our hotel room watching YouTube and playing acoustic music together after gigs. We eat a lot of in n out, canes and Taco Bell after shows.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2023?

We are releasing our next song this Friday December 8 and our EP will follow soon!
We will be recording more songs for our first full LP. We are heading to Memphis, TN in January 2024 to play on Beale Street for International Blues Challenge Youth Showcase.


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