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Get your playlists ready, The Word66 is about to be an instant add! In regular rotation on Not the Girl Next Door Show, The Word66 recently released their newest single, “The Chosen One” and it is definitely a banger.

I had a chance to interview The Word66, to get the know the band and to learn some insight on their new release in an unadulterated interview. Make sure to check out The Word66, their music and always #spreadtheloveformusic by sharing the music you love!


Tell us a little about the band, where you are from? How did you meet?

We are actually a Christian rock band. Most people would not know this unless they read our bio. We sometimes think that we should keep that a secret but it’s not who we are. We rock like all of the other hard rock/metal bands, but just with a positive message. I believe that if you are not familiar with the genre, most people have a different perception of what it would sound like. In fact, the large majority of radio play that we receive worldwide is non-Christian, as is the case with your awesome show. We really appreciate you.  We are from Las Vegas. The Christian rock capitol. LOL. Back in 2018 I had this calling to put this project together. It took a few. I actually met the drummer through an ad I placed on CraigsList, believe it or not. Eventually we hooked up with Brian and off we went.

What kind of music would you describe your sound as? Who are some of your musical influences?

I call us melodic hard rock. We seem to fit in with all kinds of rock genres including some of your hardcore bands. When we are playing on the radio, that seems to be the case. And we love it. Our mission is to spread the word with our music and hoping most will dig our message. My influences are Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Thousand Foot Krutch and Disciple to name a few.


Let’s talk about the newest single “The Chosen One”. 

“The Chosen One” honestly, is about Jesus. About following his ways, his loving compassion, and that when your time is up, and you stand before him, he will know the truth. I think I wrote some pretty intense lyrics for this track. We have Danny Miranda from Queen and Blue Oyster Cult playing the bass parts. The video is a story. We didn’t  want to do the live band thing which we did in our last video. I play a savior picking up sinners in need of salvation and at the end, all  are saved as we head to the kingdom of heaven. Really excited to find out what people think about it.


Tell us what the song is about and what inspired the song?

As mentioned, we believe our purpose is to spread the word through music. Several of the songs I write are about “The Man” in a roundabout way. Some more than others. I also like to throw in a little scripture when I can. There is none in this song.


How does the collaboration process work as far as writing/composing music?

I write all of the music and lyrics. It usually derives from a riff that pops into my head and out comes the paper and pen, and most of the time flows from there. When I’m writing, I have to be in writing mode, otherwise, I have to record the riff and get back to it another time. I then show it to the guys and we mess around with it. I usually have the other parts in my head and show the guys how it goes and we create from there.

How does it feel when you put all your hard work to the test and perform live? Do you have any crazy performance band/fan stories?

There is no feeling like it. It’s better than ice cream. LOL. Which is my favorite food in the world. Our fans are amazing. They sing along and help validate that we are doing is what we are supposed to be doing. Nothing too crazy to report at the moment for this band. Live we try to make it fun and get the audience involved in the show. For instance, we did a cover of the rock “Spirit in the Sky”. The track has some famous female background vocals. Being that we do not have a female in the band we call up a few gals to come up and sing with us on stage. It’s a lot of fun.


Let’s shake it up a little. Tell us some strange facts about the band, that virtually no one would know.

Strange facts. During the recording of that cover of “Spirit In the Sky”, we have this rocking double bass ending that people really seem to like. It was actually not planned. The song was going to just fade out like the original version. We figured that it would have faded out when we just started messing around. We thought the end result was too cool not to keep. Also, we had interest in having a female fronting the band. We were open to either. We had a few gals in mind but it did not work out.


What do you have planned for the rest of 2023?

Well, we had signed with a new label and that did not work out. Long story, so we are back to being an unsigned band seeking a new label. We had 4 deals on the table but do not believe that either one was right for the band. The new track is off our new record ‘Rock and Roll Preaching”. We will be releasing another track shortly. We should be out on the road doing some short tours in and out of the county shortly. Also, getting back in the studio. We have a ton of some really cool tracks to record. I am proud to say that each track will have its own identity. We have been very blessed for what we have accomplished thus far and excited to see what God has in store for us. We hope that people listen to our music with an open mind. Many thanks for your love and support Angela.


By: Not the Girl Next Door Show/Angela Mockbee

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