Chicago’s DISSONA Presents A Provocative And Progressive Perspective On Blade Runner With “The Prodigal Son”

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Dissona is a progressive metal band based out of Chicago, USA. Since becoming active in 2006, they have become known for their diverse, imaginative sound and powerfully expressive performances. They take a dramatic approach with their music, creating robust yet intricate compositions with thought-provoking, often abstract lyrical content. Their latest work is a three-track EP “Dreadfully Distinct” that takes a look at three Blade Runner characters, brought to life through meticulously crafted, deeply cinematic progressive metal. The first single “The Prodigal Son” focuses on the inception and development of Roy Batty, the so-called antagonist from the original Blade Runner film. The band explains further:

The track tensely opens with a newscast highlighting the release of the Nexus 6, Eldon Tyrell’s newest and most advanced replicant series to date. The band enters with an exciting instrumental section as Roy’s journey unfolds. As the song progresses, we experience an astonishing and awe-inspiring instrumental section that paints the delicate “C beams” Roy pleasantly describes witnessing. The situation turns, however, as new energies enter his mind. A four-year lifespan is simply not enough for him and he takes violent steps to return to Earth and confront his maker.”

The band remarks that for this EP, the 3 track landscape felt right. From there, they had several conversations about which stories/characters in the Blade Runner universe felt compelling enough to have their own song and that was that. Long-time fans are aware that their third full-length album has been in production for quite some time and those fans can rest easy knowing the entire album is recorded. Look for news on that early next year!

“The Prodigal Son” is presented in a music video showcasing the entire band and is recommended for fans of the Blade Runner movies as well as those who take an interest in Opeth, Persefone, and Ne Obliviscaris.

Written by: Road Dog

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