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Road Dog Radio Show had a chance to Interview Red Reign!

1. Tell our Rock Fans about the bans’s latest release? Where did the band record
with and who?

As we all know Covid changed our lives forever. During that time we were able to
write the songs for our new release “Don’t look Back”. The album about a person
reflecting life before and after after covid. We recorded the album in Ivory studios
With David Ivory who is a Grammy Nominated, multi platinum engineer and award
winning producer

2. How long was the writing process and what inspired you on this new release?

The writing process was about a 3 to 5 month process. Bubba McMichael(singer)
Writes all the lyrics and will come in with the ideas for the songs. The band then
collectively adds to the songs as well. The inspiration was life before and after

3. What changed during this process from previous releases?

Nothing has changed in our process from writing the songs to recording.
We kept the same schedule on our first EP (self titled RED REIGN) and recorded
With David Ivory as well.

4. What’s next for the band? Any Tours or festivals Lined up?

We are working on booking live shows, and hope to announce very soon

5. Describe your live show to a fan that has not seen you perform before?

At a live live show you will see four guys enjoying being on stage and
performing Our original music to the crowd.

6. What is your favorite song to play live?

Always a tough question to answer. The song we love to play is “Not That Way” of our EP. It is a really fun song
And it is so fun to play.

7. If you could collaborate on a song or tour, what band would you choose and

For me, It would be Van Halen. It would have been a dream to be on tour
With the original Van Halen line up. Can you imagine the stories from that tour!

8. What drives you as a musician?

Being creative is definitely number one.
What drives me now is originality. I played in cover bands for years and Got bored. I reflected on what I wanted to do musically moving forward and Decided that I wanted to do all originals and no cover songs. So far, this has
Worked out well and I hope to keep continuing this path.

9. What band member gets the most *Attention* from the fans?

That is a tough one. After the show we meet up at the Merchandise table
And we all seem to get the same attention!

10. Who is the laziest band member when it comes to load in and load out each

I think we are lucky as we all pull our own weight when it comes to load in
and out.

11. What is the single greatest musical memory so far while being in the band?

Well, there are quite a few, But I think our first tour with Tesla was very special.
It was out first real tour and they were so gracious to us. That goes a long way.

12. If the band were thrown into a wrestling battle royal, which member would win?
Who would be the first to be thrown over the ropes?

The first to be thrown over the ropes would be Sammy Lee (drummer) as he is the smallest. Who would win
is tough as all three guys are very scrappy. I will go with Larry moore(Bass) as he
is the biggest guy in the band.

13. What can fans expect next from the band?

The expectation moving forward will be live shows. Right now we are working on
Shows and tours. Hope to announce some dates soon.
Thank you for the interview

Written by: Road Dog

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