Mick Blankenship’s Journey from Suicide to Artistic Triumph, Bolstering 5 Million Streams!

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Resonance of Redemption: Mick Blankenship‘s Path from Despair to Musical Brilliance

Cincinnati, OH —January 30, 2024 Mick Blankenship, an American Rock musician and self-made artist hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 43, Mick has just inked his first record deal with Jeff Hanson, Founder of Silent Majority Group records, bringing forth a wave of new music in 2024. His story is one of resilience, overcoming addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and an eating disorder, and he’s on a mission to let the world know, “You are NOT alone.” Through his music and candid social media presence, Mick shares his struggles to inspire hope in others during their darkest moments.

“My battle with Xanax addiction nearly took my life. Childhood trauma left me with a significant anxiety disorder. I chose law enforcement to fight that evil, to help people like me,” Mick recounts. The turning point came in 2008, a year that marked a police shooting and triggered severe mental health struggles. Prescribed an endless amount of Xanax, Mick spiraled into addiction, eventually leading to his resignation and a state of despair.

Forced into homelessness and denied disability, Mick found solace in a local church where he served as a musician. The benevolence fund from the church provided crucial counseling, a decision Mick considers the best he ever made. Determined to rise above his challenges, he channeled his anger into fuel, teaching himself music production as a form of therapy.

In 2017, fate intervened when Mick met John Moyer, the bassist of Disturbed, backstage at riverbend. His song “Worthless Me” caught Moyer’s attention, leading to the production of his debut album, “Crown of Apathy.” Mick‘s music intertwines with his story, with tracks like “Crown of Apathy” and “Worthless Me” delving into the raw emotions of his struggle.

Now, armed with a record deal, Mick Blankenship is set to release his latest single, “Sands of Time,” on February 14, 2024, followed by four more singles later in the year. His art, expressed through music, serves as a testament to the healing power found in sharing one’s struggles.

Mick‘s fans, a robust network of support, have uplifted him and shown immense love, reinforcing his belief that he is exactly where he is supposed to be.

With two full-length albums and seven singles released on all streaming platforms, Mick‘s journey continues, an inspiring narrative of resilience, redemption, and the transformative power of music.

Follow Mick Blankenship‘s inspiring journey on social media and tune in to his music on streaming platforms, where his powerful story has amassed a devoted following of 300,000 social media followers, 5 million streams on music streaming platforms, and 3 million Youtube views.


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