New Music Friday: Women in Rock, You Need to Know!

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New Music Friday: Women in Rock, You Need to Know!

Before Women’s History Month comes to an end, even though it should be celebrated every month, I want to highlight a few female powerhouses you need to know! It is my passion to represent Rock & Metal to the masses and it gives me even more pleasure to showcase the women in the industry making moves from female-owned business owners to musicians!

  1. Sherri Lu Fashion Designer RIOT STITCH – fuses bold, chic style with killer stand-out stagewear to create unforgettable clothing for rock ‘n roll performers, fans, and lovers around the world. Sherri’s unique eyes to spot the right fabric, patterns, and colors and adds custom studs, garments, and lace-ups to create long-lasting pieces embracing the iconic essence of classic rock ‘n roll and glam metal from the 70s and 80s. All custom pieces are made to order, and deliver an unparalleled edge to your music, your passion, and…your screaming FANS!


“I have rock stars who are already national or international acts and have their own style, but after wearing my pieces, the fit, the look, the fabric make them feel refreshing, light, hot, and the most unique piece with the permanent feel of Hollywood.” -Sherri Lu, founder and owner of Riot Stitch


Side note, I am excited to share not only am I a VIP client, I am now RIOT STITCH’s publicist!


2. OTEP – Spread the word. OTEP has returned! Alt metal renegade and force to be reckoned with, OTEP, is on the road with Dolye for the “Tour With No Name 2024”

I am excited to share, I am handling the PRESS for OTEP on this tour!


I worked on the press for OTEP’S highly anticipated album The God Slayer which was released worldwide on September 15th. The God Slayer features OTEP’s signature nu metal-hip hop stylizing of an eclectic array of fan favorites across a multitude of genres, in addition to several original songs, and a poignant requiem in the form of a hidden track, paying homage to one of her biggest supporters.


My favorite single is “Ostracized.” This dynamic musical masterpiece was forged in the fire of unadulterated rage, with an edge sharpened by an ear-shattering blend of high screams, death growls, and guttural vocals, galvanized by gritty guitar, pounding drums, and a face-melting solo, courtesy of Vigil of War guitarist, Kiki Wong, another fierce female powerhouse you need to know!


3.”Blues Metal Queen” ANDRY – decided to embark on her solo career by releasing her full-length debut album “Skies.” The title track, “Skies” starts the album off with a bang, and is followed by the track “Mistress of The Night”,

I am excited to share the new music video “Black Hole”, which encompasses a fast-paced, hard rock, and metal style, with textures of blues, heightened by her powerful booming vocals.


“Skies is a pedal-to-the-metal banger with eyes on massive, fist-pumping sing-alongs – and who are we to deny her?” – Louder Sound/ Metal Hammer UK


“Skies” truly encapsulates ANDRY’s diverse style and artistic range, and tells a story of her musical career. Mixed by sound wizard Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Winery Dogs, Steel Panther), “Skies” features contributions from Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs, David Lee Roth), Mike Lepond (Symphony X), Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) and Stephen Platt (Devin Townsend). 


“SKIES” Spotify:




Last but not least… ME!

Each year I like to revamp. I am excited to present my new logo and merch designed by Sherri Lu of Riot Stitch. There will be more to follow like stickers, sweatshirts, and candles. In the meantime, discover new music and industry news with me every Friday!


Raquel Figlo started following her passions at 12 years old, when she began attending her favorite concerts. She wasn’t just a fangirl or a groupie–she was a family member of the rock and metal scene as if it was her birthright. Founding Raquel Figlo Public Relations and working with such bands was a natural next step in her career as an entrepreneur and publicist, having lived in the scene for decades already. In her 15 years of experience in the PR industry, Raquel has worked with clientele ranging from celebrities, musicians, brand creators, influencers, fashion designers, and non-profit companies. Each client is diverse but Raquel brings a commonality to them all: getting them the attention and press they deserve.


Women should be celebrated every day

Written by: Road Dog

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