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Mac Johnson – Guitar

Seth Reissig – Bass

Isaac Moore – Drums




  1. Tell our Rock Fans about the band’s latest release?  Where did the band record with and who?


MJ: Starting Over is our debut album that we’ve been working on for about two years. We recorded it in Austin and San Marcos, Texas with our producer Roy McCraney at his studio he calls The Rats’ Nest.


  1. How long was the writing process and what inspired you on this new release?


MJ: I’ve been working on some of these songs for years. Some of them are ideas I had before I ever even met Isaac, some of them are songs we all came up with together. Most of the songs are inspired by two different failed relationships I had with my old best friend and an ex-girlfriend.


IM: Heartbreak, anger, regret, ambition.


  1. What changed during this process from previous releases?


MJ: This is the first project that the three of us have worked on together. We also recorded and released it independently, as opposed to our last two EP’s that are owned by (not us). We had 100% freedom to do whatever we wanted, and our producer Roy was instrumental in helping us to turn our vision into reality.


IM: Well the biggest thing is probably the addition of new members, and consequently a different sound. Seth and I bring more hard rock to the mix, that might not have totally been there from the previous releases.


  1. What’s next for the band?  Any Tours or festivals Lined up?


SR: We want to tour and bring this music all over the world. We do have some big shows coming up in Houston and Austin. Gotta get it in front of the people


MJ: Next we focus on showing this album to as many people as we possibly can. We are currently working on hitting more spots outside of Texas.


  1. Describe your live show and stage presence to a fan that has not seen you perform before?


MJ: Energy. We bring 100% to the stage every time we perform these songs.


IM:  That and lots of hair from Mac.


  1. What is your favorite song to play live? Always a tough question to answer.


SR:  My favorite to play is “Suffocator”. It’s the most fun to play on bass in my opinion.


IM: It always changes from show to show. My favorite at the moment would probably be “Sycamore”, or “This Sucks I’m Going Home”.


MJ: “Let You Get so Far” is my favorite as of right now. I just love starting our set with it. That’s also the moment we find out how hard the audience is gonna fuck with us for the rest of the night.


  1. If you could collaborate on a song or tour, what band would you choose and why?


MJ: I would love to go on a tour with a band like Turnstile because they’re also about bringing raw energy to people at their shows. I would also love to tour with Thornhill just because I love their music so much.


IM: Incubus for me personally. They’ve been an inspiration to me musically since I was 13.


SR: Some of my favorite bands that I think we would get along with include Belmont, Good Tiger, or Bilmuri.


  1. What drives you as musicians? Being creative is definitely number one, but what else.


SR: I’ve always found more satisfaction in my life from making something original, versus doing what other people expect me to do. I also simply think recording and playing live is one of the most fun things you can do in this life.


IM: It helps get the emotions out that I would otherwise keep in. It’s like a therapy session, and a workout all in one.


MJ: It’s all I know how to do at this point.


  1. What band member gets the most *Attention* from the fans?


MJ: Probably me because I’m built like a cartoon character.


IM: Definitely Mac. He’s got a lot of hair. Sometimes when he swings it on stage he hits me with sweat


  1. Who is the laziest band member when it comes to load in and load out each night?


IM:  Honestly think we all pull our weight equally. They really help me out loading drum gear. I got pretty lucky


SR: Probably me haha. I have like 2 things to pack up and I don’t want to break any of Isaac’s stuff so I just let him do it.


MJ: Seth. He only has his bass and pedalboard that I usually end up packing for him anyway. If Isaac didn’t have to make sure his drums didn’t get stolen or something it’d probably be him though.



  1. What is the single greatest musical memory so far while being in the band?


SR: I think sitting in the studio and hearing the recordings come to life as Roy worked on the tones/sounds is always going to be memorable.


MJ: Yeah, the first time we listened back to our songs on the new album after everything was in place.


  1. If the band were thrown into a wrestling battle royal, which member would win?  Who would be the first to be thrown over the ropes?


IM: I think Seth is the wild card in this scenario. Don’t know why. Just a feeling.


SR: Tough to say. I think Mac would be tough to deal with because he’s so long.


MJ: Probably Isaac because he’s good at hitting things. I would exit first because I don’t wanna fuck up my hands.


  1. What can fans expect next from the band?


MJ: Look for us on the road. This year we will be doing everything we can to get out to more people.


IM: Maybe a haircut for Mac?


  1. Do you have anything else you’d like to share with your fans?


MJ: The key to a good burger is an 80% lean to 20% fat ratio. Pickles go underneath the burger, everything else on top. Make sure you toast the buns. (Please listen to the album)


Written by: Road Dog

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