Rock Rage Radio Spotlight Band “LoveLorn Dolls”

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  1. Tell our Rock Fans about the band’s latest release?  Where did the band record with and who? 

Bernard : The band recorded this album during the year 2023, the composition and recording of guitars, keyboards, bass and vocals was done at home in our small home studio. This way we are much more relaxed. The drums were done by Glenn Welman who is a South African drummer with whom I have already worked on other projects. We also have two guests singing: Vvitchboy who is an American goth rapper and Dero Goi, former singer of Oomph. Last speaker: Max Maryan who produced the album in Rome. The result is here and I hope you like it.

  1. How long was the writing process and what inspired you on this new release?

Bernard : The composition process is generally quite quick because we focus on it for several weeks only. We build the pieces like sculptures, that is to say piece by piece from the most general to the details. In terms of inspiration we always have a sort of specifications: it has to be a little dark, with guitars, keyboards. All this gives the sound of Lovelorn Dolls.


  1. What changed during this process from previous releases? 

Bernard : What has changed is that in terms of drums we wanted to incorporate a real drummer into the game, like on House of Wonders while keeping the electronic side of Japanese Robot Invasion. In terms of themes I’ll let Kristel talk about it because she wrote almost all of the lyrics.

Kristell : What changed is that we had a 5-year hiatus between the 3rd and 4th album. Everyone went their separate ways to do other personal things. Plus, there was Covid. We didn’t feel any pressure for the creation of this album, we really had this feeling of “nothing left to lose”, so we really composed in complete freedom, for us and we put everything we thought that made the visual and sound Lovelorn Dolls. We pushed the sliders to the maximum. We decided to set a scene and tell a story. Besides, you can buy the book that goes with the cd.

  1. What’s next for the band?  Any Tours or festivals Lined up? 

Bernard : Unfortunately we have no plan to tour.  Touring right now is financial suicide. Except perhaps for the big names who fill the concert halls but for the support acts you have to pay to have your name on the poster as well as for everything related to the tour itself..  .

Kristell : Yes, it’s hard to accept not being able to play live, but that’s how it is for now. We decided to compensate in the visual side: photos, music videos, merch, and bonuses.

  1. Describe your live show to a fan that has not seen you perform before?


  1. What is your favorite song to play live? Always a tough question to answer. 


  1. If you could collaborate on a song or tour, what band would you choose and why? 

Bernard : Personally I am very satisfied with our two collaborations with the singers Vvitchboy and Dero. I would like this kind of good plan to be repeated in the future. It really adds something new to the songs. For the rest, I tell myself that I would collaborate on the composition of a piece for the Eurovision song contest. It could be fun.

Kristell : I would like to be able to sing duets with exceptional people that I enjoyed listening to as a fan. And there are so many! Also touring with a group in our style and having the opportunity to play in front of a large audience, who are not coming especially for you, but who can discover you.


  1. What drives you as a musician? Being creative is definitely number one. 

Bernard : Sometimes we wonder what is more important: the path or the destination. For me the path is as important as the destination because it is on the path that encounters are made. Personally I love the creation and composition stage. Once it’s finished… the piece no longer belongs to you, it will live its life… But you can create another one…

Kristell : I love creating new songs, they’re like babies to be proud of. What I also like is being able to exchange with other musicians, with listeners, it’s always super exciting to know if others liked the pieces the way we like them. Or not !

  1. What band member gets the most *Attention* from the fans? 

Bernard : the singer 100%

Kristell : Ok, that’s said 😉 but we have to be honest, this is often the case, in all groups. It’s very rewarding but at the same time it’s sometimes complicated to manage.

  1. Who is the laziest band member when it comes to load in and load out each night?


Bernard : There is no room for laziness in our house. We are two motivated and passionate people. We do everything: composing, recording, filming videos, editing, promoting, social networking… So no real time to rest.


  1. What is the single greatest musical memory so far while being in the band? 


Bernard : the best thing is of course playing live before a big crowd of people who really dig female fronted music.

Kristell : Do collaborations that we didn’t expect, for example with Dero Goi. He still remains the emblematic singer of Oomph!


  1. If the band were thrown into a wrestling battle royal, which member would win?  Who would be the first to be thrown over the ropes? 

Bernard : since we are only two members you have one chance out of two to pick the winner.  But we are resolutely pacifists so that won’t happen 😉

Kristell : I think Bernard would let me win because he’s a gentleman, plus I always like to have the last word haha!

  1. What can fans expect next from the band? 


Bernard : Create even more music, try new things, meet the musical worlds of other artists and collaborate with them…

Written by: Road Dog

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