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North Carolina’s stellar progressive metal band STELLAR CIRCUITS has announced the release of a Deluxe Edition of their breakthrough album, Sight To Sound, out now from Nuclear Blast Records. The critically praised record has been digitally reissued with 4 unreleased bonus tracks, just ahead of their first European tour with PERSEFONE, HYPNO5E and LAMPR3A in February/March.


Commenting on the Sight To Sound Deluxe Edition and tour, vocalist Ben Beddick says:


We’re excited to finally release the extra tracks from the Sight to Sound recordings. Overall we felt  that these songs were best presented as a deluxe or extended version of the album. The 4 extra tracks all seem to have a common tonality and hold a place that’s all their own within the sequence of our new record.


The fact that this release coincides with our first ever international tour makes it that much better. We cannot wait to play these new songs for the fine folks of these European nations. It will be a dream come true.


With the Deluxe Edition’s release comes the visualizer for the lead bonus track ‘The Magician,’ which can be viewed here:


Stream Sight To Sound (Deluxe Edition):

Get the Std Vinyl and CD here:


Sight To Sound (Deluxe Edition) Tracklisting:

  1. Catch Your Death
  2. Witch House
  3. Pleasure Cruise
  4. Skull Beneath the Smile
  5. Sight to Sound
  6. Truthseeker
  7. Alchemy
  8. Nightlife
  9. For the Birds
  10. Learning to Sleep
  11. Where Were You?
  12. The Magician
  13. Lady of the Lake
  14. [Tides Turn]
  15. White Elephants


Alchemy’ Music Video:



Pleasure Cruise’ Visualizer:



Witch House’ Music Video:



Catch Your Death’ Music Video:



Formed in 2015, STELLAR CIRCUITS emerged to combine the conceptual polarities of groove-oriented music with progressive-minded technicality. Over the quartet’s lifespan, they’ve managed to fulfill their own prophecy, formulating a core sound that is complex and layered, while providing a listenability that extends well beyond the rock genre. Visceral, intellectual, groovy, technical, and melodious are rarely indicators that can all be used to describe the aural essence of one band. In the case of STELLAR CIRCUITS, the rare combination makes a striking and definitive appearance in all they do.


The Winston-Salem, NC foursome followed their 2015 debut EP with their first full-length album in 2018. Ways We Haunt would be recorded with North Carolina’s own Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, He Is Legend), a legend in his own right, bringing his signature touch to STELLAR CIRCUITS’ first long form release.

Generating significant attention, especially from the band’s more veteran industry peers, STELLAR CIRCUITS would go on to be invited as special guests on Chevelle’s 2021 N.I.R.A.T.I.A.S. tour. Completing a nationwide trek that introduced STELLAR CIRCUITS to a significantly broader audience, the foursome immediately saw their fanbase increase exponentially, prompting a shift in their attention to a new record with which they could continue to build on the solid foundation they had since established.

Sight to Sound, STELLAR CIRCUITS’ sophomore release, sees the band working once again with Jamie King to convey their growth and expansion on what they do best. Vocalist frontman Ben Beddick highlights the forward momentum, relaying how the band “wanted to push past the point of comfort when writing this music. To make something real and honest that we can all stand by.”


Released in 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records, Sight to Sound expands upon the progressive and groove-centricnature of the band; combining a heaviness, a catchiness, and strength of composition with technical proficiency that results in STELLAR CIRCUITS’ most polished release to date. Vocalist Ben Beddick further expands on the writing process and the record’s trajectory, marking a “turning point around the beginning of the writing process that steered us toward a particular conceptual direction. Moving closer to an understanding of the perception of our senses. This record is meant to serve as a sort of invocation. A sense of qualia. The term ‘synesthesia’ comes to mind…”.
Comprised of vocalist Ben Beddick, bassist Jesse Olsen, guitarist Jared Stamey and drummer Tyler Menon, the North Carolina quartet produce an effective and unparalleled coalescence that will undoubtedly excite new listeners while more than satisfying long-term followers. Featuring 11 original tracks that are poised to impress even the most discerning of aficionados, Sight to Sound puts the global music landscape on notice that STELLAR CIRCUITS has definitively arrived.


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