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Northwoods Rock Rally 2017 By The Rock Goddess Dawn Dyar

28 August 2017 News

This years Northwoods Rock Rally , is not the first year for it , but it was my first time out there , and such a one of a kind experience.  I can honestly say with all the festivals I have been to , even this year , there is not one that was quite like this!! Starting on Thursday with with the kick off party , Music from  Fully Loaded , Theory , and headliner for the night , Wayland , the fest is off to an awesome start as Wayland ALWAYS puts on an amazing show. Most of the people are camping on the grounds , so partying is safe , and being done responsibly. Which I must say is one of the many awesome things about this one, fun , but safe fun for all .  and the feeling very much of a very cool laid back adult party , that felt like family .


Day 2 Friday was AWESOME , the grounds didn’t start really getting moving till 5-6pm .  I got there was greeted by some of the great staff up there , got my all access pass for the weekend. And then it was time to check out the grounds . And WOW it was quite the site indeed.  Lot’s of space , a HUGE stage , as well as another stage in the beer tent.  That evening Dirty Soul Revival started off the night, rocked the house. Then it was time for Shaman’s Harvest to play , and I had to be in my normal area , on the rail right up front. They came out played an amazing set , sounded awesome as always , I have to say one of the best parts was I got to be in the front , in the vip  area , they  played an awesome set joked around with the crowd , and everyone was just having an awesome time , and for as large as the crowd was , it was amazing everyone left space to make it enjoyable , not so shoulder to shoulder as happens in so many festivals .  After the set we went to say hello to the band. They were super nice and fun as always.  And then I suddenly heard October Rage playing , I was very surprised , as I didn’t know they would be playing in between sets on the big stage. But it was a nice surprise for sure. they played all originals , and after they were done , I stopped and said hi to my favorite Aussies.  Great set , and the beer tent was jammed for that set.  Then it was time for Pop Evil to play , so we went back over to the big stage , to watch them play right back where we were before, in the vip section in front of the stage. By the 3rd song in I looked over to my left , and there was all the Shaman’s Harvest guys standing next to me watching the set.  By the next song , all of the guys of October Rage were there as well , watching with all of us fans. they were all super gracious , and when fans asked to get pics with them , they happily took them.  When Pop Evil was done playing , we went back to the beer tent to watch October Rage finish up the night ROCKIN.  Since we were not camping on the grounds we left went back to the hotel to rest up for the next day.


Day 3 , we got there a little later than when gates opened , and got ourselves ready for the amazing night that was to come.  Walked around a bit , and took our spot in front of the stage . Every Mothers Nightmare was first up , and they rocked it . Again it was a super laid back crowd that enjoyed the hell out of the music, but didn’t get all on top of each other.  Again love that. In between we walked around checking out the sights and sounds of all these amazing music fans just having a great time , but in the most laid back way. It really is hard to explain . But if you have ever been to the big festivals , it was nothing like that. No crazy running from one place to another , just people having a good time and not infringing on anyone’s space.  Then it was time for Powerman 5000. WOW it was an amazing time , they got the crowd moving , and jumping , and singing along. You could tell that they loved what they did , and were happy to be there . They were on point with sound. It was such a great set. After they were done , we went to the backstage area , said hello to the guys in the band , who were very gracious , and they signed peoples stuff ect.  Then it was time for Red Sun Rising to be up , I watched the first few songs from behind the band on stage so I could get pictures of the crowd.  And the guys of Powerman 5000 were back there as well , watching the first few songs , before they had to eave to fly out of town. But I thought how awesome that they stood there in support of the band.  Then after the first few songs , we went to the front of the stage where we had been before , to watch the rest of the show, as the sound is different from backstage , it is very hard to hear vocals from back there. With a singer like they have you WANT to hear the vocals.  And they definitely did not disappoint!! They put on an awesome set , even played a song from the next album for us.  And it ROCKED. They finished up , and were super nice about signing the set list that I got from the stage. Those of you who know me know that’s my thing. I have tons of them from the shows that I have been to.  We walked around for about 1/2 n hour until the band was changed and cleaned up some, as I had an interview to do with them .  Was very funny we got over there , and pretty quick after , a friend of the band shows up with a side by side truck , so they all went for a little spin around the grounds, it was funny to watch them having a blast doing something they don’t normally do.  There were tons of cool rock bouncers , and side by sides there for the next day of races. I did my interview , and they had to go , as they were flying out to go back and finish the album.  We did get a chance to hear the band in the beer tent 4th floor. But didn’t see them. But they sounded awesome from where we were sitting. It seemed as anywhere you were you could always hear the band.  We called it a night about 1/2 hour before the band finished, and went back to the hotel.


Day 4, was an afternoon event, as they were racing rock bouncers.  Again it was super laid back . The track was very well done . My husband was very impressed by the job they had done to set it up so it would not be boring to watch. Being as it was the first year they had brought trucks in ,  it was very well done. They raced Side by sides , and bigger rock bouncers , and smaller ones as well . Was quite the nice field of racers.  And there were some pretty good jumps ect.  It is always fun to watch them flip and recover when they can,  and a few certainly did not disappoint.  The Truck races ended at about mid afternoon.  But there were still some people around camping ect.


All in all , it was a GREAT time . Great music , really nice people , the staff was awesome to deal with . Security was there , but honestly short of keeping people out of the vip area , from what I saw they were not really necessary.  As the entire weekend , I didn’t see any fights , or people get out of hand. The guys of Red Sun Rising compared it sort of to Sturgis, but with people who know each other better.  And although I only knew a couple of people there , I never once felt out of place. I handed out lots of download cards to people who were there , and everyone was just there to have a great time , listen to music , and of course watch trucks on the last day.   I look very forward to next year , as I won’t miss this festival ever again .


I want to thank everyone involved in the Northwoods Rally , for putting on such an awesome festival.  I enjoyed it more than I can even put into words .  Next year everyone should plan to be there !!!

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