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OSYRON (CAN): Chapter in the history book of a young nation

What do you actually know about Canadian metal? If you do not come from Canada: probably just a little bit more than what you know about the Canadian history, as both issues are underrepresented today acutely on a global scale. The quintet OSYRON from Alberta, Canada takes, to this with his third release “Foundations” (Release: July 10) record straight.
Osyrons music that was rooted in the past in the US speed metal and was strongly influenced by European Symphonic Power Metal, culminating in one of the most diverse albums in 2017, “Kingsbane”. Until the new “Foundations” Canadians have improved again – it brings all the hallmarks back for this transition was loved from exceptional musicians, composers and sound engineers since their first album, “Harbinger” and vowed: massive, complex sections, crisp hooks and material that is suitable to break on the fingerboard fingers. The big difference is in the sharpened focus. Everything about the new compositions made sure to drill into the listener’s head without intention to leave this ever again.

Five haunting, epic songs that lift an enormous amount of musical heritage, come straight to the point, thus providing an exciting Canadian history lesson completely free of gap fillers. With the Musikerego relaxed in the back seat and the gift of the composer at the train, compete Osyron no longer get the attention of the listener. Because once their driving and powerful Rifflandschaften appear on the horizon, it is drawn in any case until the music ends.
As it has done everything before, the band can now on focus to beat an elegant bridge from the old school to modern extravagance Heavy Prog Metal, which functions as marching music for Thrasher, Epic Metal fans and Progger easy. The captivating, partly Arabic-sounding melodies carry and enhance a rich narrative core, creating a spectacular contrast to the still existing fighting Thrash Iness – all this on stage a masterful production. The wide range of powerful vocal expression is flavored with perfectly set battle cries to return to the desperate ferocity of Canadian soldiers in World War I, which are handled by the teaching of history in all parts of the world with an indifference that is not their sad fate as cannon fodder of the British confederation is nearly meet.

“Telling the story of those who were already much not heard for too long” is with its 2020s release “Foundations”, the conclusive interplay of hardness, feel and haunting atmosphere succeed Osyrons concern the exploration of Canadian history and identity as well as his should. “It reflects personal and social stigma, opinions and prejudices about the Canadian culture and history by researching sensitive issues such as cultural genocide, racism and discrimination, while it also deals with the more unifying basis of emotions such as loss, pain, hope and faith perspectives. And not least, it also brings the most fundamental foundations to light on which Canada was built as a nation: the bloodshed, the war and the assimilation of different ethnic groups (primarily First Nations), which led to the development of what we now know as Canada . “

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About “Ignite”:

A look behind the scenes of the first “Foundation” single “Ignite” comes directly from the band: “We all decided (in development process of the song) that a riffbetonter chorus would result in a great variety – otherwise we had often these riffgeladenen verse segments and rather large in the choruses chords and melodies. After the first rehearsals and Listening sessions of the song skeleton, the rest showed quite fast. (…) The lyrical concept behind ‘Ignite’ is deeply rooted in history: During World War Canada was still considered as a territory of the United Kingdom and Great Britain. In this respect they treated the citizens and resources there as war material and used them as collateral for the goals of the Commonwealth. ‘Ignite’ explores the narrative of both perspectives (Canada and UK) on the role of Canada in the First World War, focusing on the many sacrifices that Canadian soldiers have provided with their lives, and the thus created conditions for a sovereign nation. “

“Ignite” will be available from 22 May on all digital platforms, the video is now available. “Foundations” will be released digitally via SAOL / The Orchard on 10 July 2020th More information about the pre-sale and above all more auditory information there very soon – stay tuned!

Click here for the pre-Save of “Ignite”: https://orcd.co/osyronignite

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