Relent slays with sound in their new album release ‘Heart Attack’

Written by on March 24, 2019

Hitting the airwaves with extreme intensity on March 29, 2019, comes the band Relent with an explosion of sound in their new album release, ‘Heart Attack’. From addictive hooks, to guitar and bass riffs that cut like knives, the complete album can only be described in one word, “killer”.

As the first song “Six Feet Under Me” commences, the propulsive riffs begin and the stage is set for the full complete album. Addictive hooks, real world honest lyrics and the perfect amount of vocal vehemence, melodic in part, yet hard enough to slam you in the face.

Fast forward to song two, “Changed”, my personal favorite song on the album. “I was a monster, an addict, a creature of my habits. Of the lost ones, I would take lead. My actions, dramatic, depression running havoc. The first to call the last one to leave.” If the lyrics don’t hit you first, the flow will. From rap to rock, filled with grit and emotion, “Changed” is that song that draws you in and becomes an instant add, repeated on your playlist.

However, “Changed” will not be the only song to add to your playlist. “Send A Miracle” really draws in a familiar vibe. In fact, as you listen to the album, through and through, it radiates a P.O.D. vibe. High energy, massive guitar/bass riffs, lyrical lawlessness and real world lyrics.

“Heart Attack” is guaranteed to be an album where you are never pushing fast forward to skip to the next song. The high powered sound heard in each and every song hits with a potency like no other. With honest lyrics, radiating within each and every one of us, intertwined with messages of positivity on a scale of grandeur, the album will not be a sleeper, it will be a definitive force to be reckoned with. Oh and did I mention the riffs?!


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