Review : SLEEPING LIONS Otherwise By The Rock Goddess Dawn Dyar

12 October 2017 Album Review

Let me preface this by my telling you I have only written 3 reviews ever for a CD , I’m  a work in progress , as we all are .  But I am hoping I can do this one justice.

This Album  starting with the already released single “Angry Heart” is a nonstop start to finish GREAT Album. From the very first song to the end. With catchy Lyrics in songs like “Closer to the Gods” and “won’t stop” which are actually two of my person favs. Honestly this album is great start to finish. It is an oddity it seems in this day to have and entire album that you can sit down and listen to start to finish and love every song.

You have songs like the title song “Sleeping Lions” and “Nothing to me”as well as “weapons”  that are a bit heavier , but still catchy , and great to sing along to.  And “Suffer” which I have to say is anthemesque , and I would say my second favorite song on this album. Great to sing along to , and just so well written. As all these songs are.  And not to be outdone by and another song that I can bet you will hear people singing along to is a song I have actually seen them play live before this album came out , and people were singing along already.

There are also a few more mellow , but beautiful songs on it as well like “Bloodline Lullaby”  and “crocodile tears “and “beautiful monster”  just well written anthem type songs that I think everyone will enjoy.  And will sing along to if you are lucky enough to catch the songs live.  But I can tell from hearing it all , and owning it , it is on replay for me . And I am  sure they will get a bigger audience from this CD.

All in all I can’t say a bad or critical thing about it , as it is well written , well produced Album , that I feel like will help them grow the fan base they have in enormous Numbers.  Well done is all I can say . If an album can make me cry , which this one did listening to it, I say WELL done. As Music is there to make you feel things , and this one certainly dose





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