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Riksha ‘Five Stages Of Numb’ Album Review

5 January 2018 News

Like a balance of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, Riksha’s new album encompasses music that is melodic, yet heavy core speed metal thrash. Riksha self-describes their sub-genre of rock as “throg”, a mixture of “thrash” and “progressive”. Within their new album, hints of sounds can be heard from comparable bands such as Mudvayne and Tool.

Riksha is a four piece band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Riksha released two previous studio albums, ‘Dream Drops Red’  and the independently released ‘Night Begins’.  Riksha quickly became a breakout band in the metal scene in 2012, winning Project Independent’s “Industry Panel Favorite” voted on by a panel of producers, A&R reps, and record company owners. Since then, the band has purchased a 1973 Eagle Tour Bus and has hit the road throughout the US.

The new album, ‘Five Stage of Numb’ starts with a little bit of introductory electronica, in the song titled “Departure Eminent”. Haunting piano riffs and murderous background sound, remind one of an introduction to a horror/slasher film. However, the song quickly cuts off at the end and quickly begins back up with the song “Five Stages of Numb”. Thunderous, growling lyrics, followed with melodic hooks, heavy bass and electric guitars fuel the song.  Slow it down a bit for “Shovel It”, which brings back the haunting piano riffs and backwards lyrics. However, don’t be fooled by the intro, the song quickly gets amped up with thrashing metal growls.

The standout song on the track is “Save Me”, which is a breed of song you would get if you mixed Tool and Pantera. I know, quite the mix. High enough energy to hype you up, but a slow down that features chanting hooks, like we all love Maynard as he does with Tool. In the end of the song, we have the devil growls and angel chants, which make for the complete perfect balance of music.

Rishka “Five Stages of Numb”


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