Road Dog’s Dirty 6 Pack!

10 September 2017 News

Road Dog Radio Show’s Dirty Six Pack Songs of the Week!  I have the opportunity to hear and listen to all kinds of Rock and Metal Bands from all over the world, and many of these bands are amazing, but this week, these six bands stood above the rest!

These are some of the Bands that are kicking serious ass out there right now!  Rock Rage Radio breaks more bands than any other station because we give bands a chance to be heard and these Six Bands will not disappoint!

Head Trauma “TYPO”

Waking the Sleeper “Greed”

Take the Day “Take Everything”

Every Living Soul “Entirely”

Stone Prophet “Spiral”

Alazka “Ghost”


Turn it up and Crank it loud and listen to the Road Dog Radio Show weeknights at Midnight eastern!

Head Trauma – Nashville, TN


Waking the Sleeper – Wichita, KS


Take the Day – Pittsburgh, KS


Every Living Soul – Los Angeles, CA


Stone Prophet – Idaho


Alazka – Germany


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