Rock Goddess #ragingnewartist of the week Blud Red Roses

Written by on May 23, 2019

The band formed in 2016 when circumstances collided to bring previous band mates and friends back
together to start a new band that would focus on creating a new hard/heavy rock musical hybrid.
Based in Central New Jersey, Blud Red Roses is comprised of veterans of the Tri-State(NY/NJ/PA)music
scene. Originally formed as a 3 piece with drummer Matt Goida, bassist Dave Dusenbery, and lead
singer/guitarist Pete Vee, the band decided in late 2017 that it wanted to add another guitarist to their
lineup, which would open the doors to a bigger, heavier sound. In early 2018 the band turned to David
Hill(DH) who was a longtime friend and musical collaborator with drummer, Matt. Once David joined the
band it was clear that the unit was set!! The band’s sound looks to blend the most infectious elements
of modern hard rock, nu-metal, and classic metal to create something new and instantly identifiable.

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