Freedom To Rock

FREEDOM TO ROCK joins forces globally with ROCK RAGE RADIO to bring the gift of music for our troops. We bring them billboard bands and new up and coming bands for our troops to listen. Interviews with live guests on air. FREEDOM TO ROCK | ROCK RAGE RADIO music for the troops by the troops. We continue support our troops and continue to make a difference one person at a time. Show is on SUNDAYS at 6 am PST / 9 am EST. for 3 hours. We want the military to participate and have them on air to tell me their favorite 4 songs and why. We also bring other guests and artists to interview to tell us about their up and coming projects. We also invite our troops to come on the air and introduce themselves.  They share 5 of their favorite songs and why they love it.  An amazing experience to know more about our troops and the healing the music can do to life.


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