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  1. Malon Mischief   On   02/11/2018 at 9:49 am

    Bloodmoon Rising is a metal formation from Bonn,
    which occurs in the classical occupation.
    The frontman Malon Mischief has joined already successes with the Band Malice in Thunderland
    in the U.S.A. , because his music was publish by the U.S. Label Turkey Vulture Records.
    Also Malon Mischief has not only attracted attention with his digital art,
    but also with the Trias project.

    The five-man strong group is committed to casting the diverse influences of its members into an expressive form – elements of Thrash, Death, Black and Classic Metal are combined.
    The Band captivates the listener with mystical themes, driving beats, a cracking guitar board, a crunchy bony bass and the striking voice of singer Malon Mischief
    in the spell of Ghost ‘n` Ghoul Metal.

    The lyrics of the singer Malon Mischief comes from a morbid basic mood
    and lean at the Dark Romanticism.
    Thus, in his surrealistic texts, the procedural immutability of an omniscient narrator
    or the pan-deterministic causality
    of symbolic orders is concealed in conformity with the conventions.

    Malon Mischief follows the literary current, which integrates apart sets with evil
    and represents anthropocentrism.
    The author’s expression in lyric poetry can shorten the pattern,
    but then it can be shortened to the edge of an image,
    since the poisoned form of the poem is better suited to concentration and intertextuality.

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