Victorious Sky Tour featuring Alter Bridge, Skillet and Dirty Honey SELLS OUT the Agora in Cleveland!

Written by on October 7, 2019

As I set off to go to the show on Saturday, I passed by the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame on my way to the Agora to see Alter Bridge, Skillet and Dirty Honey. This was my first show in Cleveland since moving here and I was looking forward to this tour package for quite sometime. So many times, I have seen shows where one act doesn’t always seem to fit a bill or doesn’t quite carry the torch of being as good as the others, but on Saturday this was not the case at all.

Dirty Honey hit the stage with such energy and passion, you could not help yourself by getting into the music. Dirty Honey is a band that brings me back to the days of Kick Ass Rock N Roll with a touch of groove that makes me reminisce of discovering bands in the 70’s and 80’s. The Guitars were calling out to the Rock Gods down the street at the Hall of Fame and screaming “We are Dirty Honey” and we are grabbing the Rock N Roll Torch and taking it to a New Level! “When I’m Gone”, “Rolling 7’s” are gonna be songs that generations will be rediscovering for years! This Band screams ROCK N ROLL!

Next Up was Skillet, and if you have never seen Skillet Live, well you just have never lived! This Band is everything you want to see in a live show. Hit after Hit, and bringing “Legendary” to Cleveland and staking their claim to one day be put into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. It was 2004 the first time I saw Skillet and now 15 years later they are still bringing high energy and a live show that will leave you craving for more. This band is the soundtrack to my life! The Agora was packed and Sold Out and Skillet had every fan singing along to their hits “Monster”, “Whispers in the Dark” , “Comatose” and more. They were pushing this crowd into a frenzy and setting the bar for Alter Bridge to bring this baby home!

With the New Album “Walk the Sky” set to hit world wide on October 18th, Alter Bridge delivered an impact on the new material “Wouldn’t You Rather”, “Pay No Mind”, and “In the Deep” and making me want to listen to the New Album on repeat all the way home! Mark and Myles worked the stage with such precision and passion. This Band is the definition of Rock N Roll. As Myles introduced the Band as Alter Bridge, Cleveland introduced him to a reaction like no other. Cleveland LOVES Alter Bridge. The Band was on fire and the crowd was not letting up, this was a concert experience, more than just a show. It is great in a day of living in a technology world, that you can put down the phone and disconnect and let Dirty Honey, Skillet and Alter Bridge reinforce your belief that Rock N Roll is Alive and Well and things are just getting started! This is a must see concert experience for all fans of Rock!

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